IluZ Epic_Gabriel won Smash the Router 3

Ilya Kravtsov
Jul 28 20201 min
Result of Super Smash Bros' tournament Smash the Router 3

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament Smash the Router 3 (Ultimate Singles) took place on Sunday, July 26th. Gamers' competition was won by player IluZ | Epic_Gabriel (Gabriel Romero). He took 10 wins and only 1 lose to player USAE PvE | Yez (Yezre'el Askew). And after that loss, he beat his opponent 3:1 in the next game.

Epic_Gabriel's road to winning is below for you to check out from the very beginning:

captionEpic_Gabriel's road to victory,
captionEpic_Gabriel's road to victory,
captionEpic_Gabriel's road to victory,

For his amazing result, (we don’t know exactly if it was skill or luck) he received $ 500 as prize money. Without any doubt, he deserved it!

Yez managed to take second place. His reward is $ 250.

Player AAA|SF | Chag (Santiago Perez) became the third in the final table of the tournament. This result added $100 to his money box.

A small reward also was received by the players who took places from 4 to 7. You can see the final table of Smash the Router 3 below:

captionList of winners,
captionList of winners 5-8,
captionList of winners (9-12),
Smash the Router 3! FT. Hungrybox, Stroder, Pandarian, Epic_Gabriel, and More!

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