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Birthday : Aug 23, 1993 (28)
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Yuta Kawamura a.k.a "Abadango" is a Japanese competitive gamer for Super Smash Bros. His SSBU mains is Palutena with Wario co-main, while his secondary characters are Inkling and Metal Knight. In SSB4, he successfully switched mains from Pac-Man and Wario to Metal Knight and later Mewtwo and Bayonetta.

Ranked 7th in Japan and 24th in the FALL 2019 PGRU, Abadango was a member of Luminosity Gaming till the end of his contract and later joined Shinobism in November 2018. At Pound 2016, he showed the world the strength of his Super Smash Bros Brawl Mewtwo by winning 1st place without dropping a set.

Abadango also won 1st place at Just Roll With It! 11, Karisuma SP 7 & Umebura SP 4, 3rd place at Stunfest 2019, 7th place at 2GG: Grand Tour & Maesuma TOP 2, and 9th place at EVO 2019 & EVO Japan 2020, and also had notable runs at CEO 2019, Frostbite 2019, Genesis 6, The Big House 9, The Kid, the Goat, and the Mang0, and Umebura Japan Major 2019.

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