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LG UltraGear Fight Night Tekken 7 recap

Alex Samonov
4 min

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LG UltraGear Fight Night Tekken 7 recap
Here's a recap of the whole night of Tekken 7 action

LG UltraGear Fight Night gathered some of the best Tekken 7 players around the world to compete in three regional online tournaments for a significant money prize. Here's a short wrap-up of the night full of world-class Tekken 7 action for those who missed the sets. 

Miguel conquers West Europe

The long night of top-level Tekken 7 started off in West Europe with big names in the schedule and familiar faces from recent WePlay Ultimate Fighting League as well. Some of them dropped out sooner than expected, like Fergus, who definitely was not at his best with Lily, and Kirakira with Eliza, who was not able to get past Blackkazama and Super Akouma.

Sephiblack squeezed like a knife through a butter over the Upper bracket with his notorious Miguel display, leaving Shirdel, DougFromParis, and Blackkazama behind. DougFromParis however made an impressive run through the Losers with Steve Fox, and rightfully earned a place in the Grand Finals by overwhelming Super Akouma and Blackkazama on the way.

The final sets of the evening were all about a patient defensive play from both contenders. The Frenchman managed to catch Sephiblack off-guard and had a reset, but in the end, Miguel was too much for him as Sephiblack brought himself together and secured the 1st with a 3-1 win. Congratulations to the German player with this well-deserved victory, as we're moving on to North America.

Battle of two brothers

The night went on with North American players entering the stage, including such heavy-weight veterans as Anakin, Pokchop, and myk. Unfortunately, Trungy and Spero Gin faced the dark side of the online tournaments as they both got DQ'd from the losers bracket due to the connection issues. 

However, all who left put up the show with some crazy sets. The upper bracket was all about Shadow 20z and his Claudio, as he passed through Anakin and Joonya_20z, his older brother, on the way to the Grand Final. Joonya dropped to the Losers Final just to face Anakin and his scary Jack-7, who descended to Losers earlier and outplayed Joey Fury on the way up. The test was passed, which led to the biggest drama of the night - the battle of two brothers in the Grand Final.

Shadow 20z and Joonya_20z showed, why that was the only way this tournament should've ended. Joonya managed to reset the Bracket in a close 3-2 set with Eliza just to be overwhelmed by Zafina as Shadow secured a hard-fought 3-1 victory and the 1st place. As the North American champion is crowned, we're moving to the last tourney of the night in East Asia

Japan vs South Korea

The Asian fighting game scene always was on the special level of competition and this tournament proved it yet another time. It was literally the most stacked tourney of the night since it hosted ten players instead of eight with two additional rounds to play. We got some sets worth the Finals already in the very beginning. 

JDCR was sent to Losers early and unfortunately never made it past the first round. Chanel, the Korean Tekken veteran, made an impressive run from the qualification round against Karei all the way up to the Winners Finals, where Chikurin sent him to Losers just to stop Gen's journey from the bottom of the bracket and face Chikurin once again. 

Japanese beast showed no mercy to his rival with Geese Howard. Even though Chanel started pretty lively with Alisa, he was forced to switch after going 0-2. For a moment it seemed like we're about to witness a turnaround since Chanel took 3 rounds straight with Zafina, but the last game was confidently closed by Chikurin. This Grand final concluded the whole night of glorious Tekken 7 contest with all three champions decided and hailed. 

4:25 AMBO5Chikurinflag

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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