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MoriyamaKareiKōhei is a professional Tekken player from Osaka, Japan who representsYOSHIMOTO Gaming.

Karei is one of the most prominent Kazumi players in Japan. His playstyle is focused on the greater picture and maintaining a lead in the match with strong fundamental skills. Instead of a common strategy of pressuring with mixups and baiting opponents, he manages to put pressure on them through life lead and timer while staying relatively safe.

Some of his best results include top 8 at Mastercup 3, top 4 at Matador Cup 4, 2nd place at Mastercup 5 and Mastercup 8, 25th place at EVO 2018, 33rd place at EVO Japan 2018 and 2020, 9th place at Taipei Major 2019, 25th place at EVO 2019, 17th place at Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019, and 3rd place at Tekken Online Challenge Japan 2020.

You can find Karei on Twitter