The Best Tekken 7 Players of Japan at Topanga League Season 3

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The Best Tekken 7 Players of Japan at Topanga League Season 3
There were a few events with many exceptional matches

Japanese fighting games scene is legendary powerful, and seeing those guys competing for a top prize is quite an experience. On March 7, 13, and 14, Tekken 7 pros from that region played at the finals of Topanga League Season 3.

The whole tournament started much earlier - on January 16-17, with matches of the lower T2 League. Take a look at the players who fought for a chance to compete in T1 League.

Tekken 7 Topanga League - T2 participants

They were divided into two groups, and only two players could proceed to the next stage. Zeugal from Group A and Pinya from Group B got those spots.

Check out the details of the group stage on this page of DashFight. For example, you can see the results of all the matches.

Zeugal and Pinya joined quite a prominent gang of Tekken 7 players. Here are those who were qualified directly for the final.

Topanga League x Tekken 7 Season 3 - T1 Participants

First, they had matches on March 7. You can enjoy the stream on Yes, it’s a Japanese stream, and you should register on the platform to watch two archive videos per day, and still, the style of these players is worth your attention - who knows what tricks you could absorb into your Tekken 7 arsenal.

The final stage continued for two days. Here are the streams from March 13 and from March 14. That’s a lot of Tekken esports of the top level!

Genki “Gen” Kumisaka is the only player who finished Tekken 7 Topenga League Season 3 with no losses. On March 7, he had a match against Hyeon-ho “Rangchu” Jeong, and his Fahkumram defeated Julia 7:2.





On March 13, Gen played against Daichi “Nobi” Nakayama, and the victory this time was even more brilliant! His Fahkumram absolutely destroyed Steve and Feng of Nobi - 7:0.

On March 14, Yuta “Chikurin” Take tried to stop Gene. His Devil Jin and Leroy could take one game each, but in the end, Chikurin lost 2:7.

We at DashFight congratulate Gen on this victory! And we thank all the participants for the chance to witness such an amazing Tekken 7.

Season 3 of Topanga League x Tekken 7 - Final Results

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