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Takehiko "TAKE" Abe is a professional Tekken 7 player from Japan who represents YAMASA.

TAKE has competed in T7 singles with significant results at tourneys such as Atlanta Battle Opera: The Last Dojo of 2019, BAM11 Battle Arena Melbourne 11, Beast Arena Hong Kong IX, Canada Cup 2018, Chikurin Cup, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, EVO 2017 - 2019, EVO Japan 2018 & 2020, FV X SEA Major Malaysia 2018, MASTERCUP AA 2019, Nagasaki Omura Cup in TWT2019 DOJO, OzHadou Nationals 15, REV Major 2019, Taipei Major 2019, TEKKEN Online Challenge Japan (Open Tournament), The MIXUP 2019, Tokaigi Game Party 2018, Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019, and Wellplayed Challenger.

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