Fuudo Gaia and Tokido Flame are SF League Pro JP 2020 Leaders

Oct 05 20203 min
Team fights with prominent Japanese SFV players

Usually, Street Fighter 5 tournaments consist of one-on-one battles, and rarely we see teams battling each other. Street Fighter League is a special fighting esports event! Players here are divided into teams - four in each. They choose their character lineups, ban characters for the opponents, and then play three matches - only three team members play in one game. 

Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020 is also interesting by the strength of participants - for example, we can enjoy the unique playstyle of Daigo. The tournament started on September 25. The second round was on October 2. EventHubs informs on the schedule and participants:

Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020 schedule

  • Round 3 - October 9
  • Round 4 - October 16
  • Round 5 - October 23
  • Round 6 - October 30
  • Round 7 - November 6
  • Round 8 - November 13
  • Round 9 - November 20
  • Round 10 - November 27

Teams at Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020:

The first round of the series finished with victories of Tokido Flame (2:1 against Umehara Gold), Nemo Aurora (3:0 against Momochi Splash), and Fuudo Gaia (2:1) against Mago Scarlet).

Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020 - week 1

Results of the second round are victories of Tokido Flame (3:0 against Mago Scarlet), Fuudo Gaia (3:0 against Momochi Splash), and Nemo Aurora (2:1) against Umehara Gold).

Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020 - week 2

Two teams are currently leaders of the tournament - Fuudo Gaia and Tokido Flame have two victories and no losses.

This SF5 esports event has quite a few amazing moments. For example:

We also recommend taking a look at this mind-blowing match.

Daigo Umehara vs Higuchi at Grand Final of Street Fighter League Pro JP 2020 Pre-Season Tournament

Watch Street Fighter League Pro-Us here:

Watching such events is both great entertainment and a chance to learn interesting tricks from professionals - and then use them in various SFV game modes.

The community of Street Fighter V players has a few more qualifiers of the Capcom Pro Tour series this year. And of course, we are waiting for the addition of Dan Hibiki into the game - it can change even the professional scene.

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