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Birthday : Jan 5, 1985 (37)
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Japanese fighting game pro, Naoki "Nemo" Nemoto used to play Rolento back in Street Fighter IV. Urien is his current main in Street Fighter V, and together they've left their mark on the international stage. During his Street Fighter IV days, Nemo worked his way through the Japanese arcade hierarchy to become the best they had.

Nemo started playing fighting games and becoming a part of FGC with SFII but never considered it seriously, it was just a fun game to play when hanging out with friends. He started taking fighting games more seriously with X-Men vs Street Fighter, he'd go to arcades and practice combos and fundamentals. 

Nemo has a knack for putting the spotlight on underappreciated characters. He's also known to play with a chaotic but creative flair that has won him many a match. Besides Street Fighter, the Japanese player has also dominated in The King of Fighters and Marvel vs. Capcom games.

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