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SFV League Pro-Japan - Results After 4 Weeks

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SFV League Pro-Japan - Results After 4 Weeks
Many fights of great players with very unusual tournament rules

It seems like we have a hot season in Street Fighter V esports - a few big tournaments happen at the same time. One of them is Street Fighter League with quite unusual team battles. The community enjoys fights of pro players in the USA (Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020 Season 3) and in Japan. Teams consist of four players and three of them fight in one match.

The next US fighting session is planned for October 23. The Japanese players are four weeks deep into the tournament, so it would be interesting to check out the situation with team battles of such prominent guys as Daigo, Fuudo, Mago, Momochi, Nemo, and Tokido - they are leaders of six teams.

Previously we reported on the situation after the second week of Street Fighter League Pro-JP. Since then, some significant changes happened in standings:

  • Nemo Aurora is the leader (13 points). They won their matches against Mago Scarlet on Week 3 (3:0) and Fuudo Gaia on Fuudo Gaia on Week 4 (2:1)
  • Tokido Flame and Fuudo Gaia with very similar results are in 2nd and 3rd positions (both have 10 points)
  • Umehara Gold is fourth with 9 points
  • Momochi Splash is fifth with 5 points
  • Mago Scarlet has no victories, so this team is in last place (1 point)

Street Fighter League Pro-JP - standings after four weeks (from the official site)

Let’s take a closer look at the matches.

On Week 4 of Street Fighter League Pro-JP Season 3, Umehara Gold defeated Momochi Splash (2:1), Tokido Flame won against Fuudo Gaia (2:1), and Nemo Aurora defeated Mago Scarlet (3:0).

On Week 3, Momochi Splash won against Tokido Flame (2:1), Nemo Aurora defeated Fuudo Gaia (2:1), and Umehara Gold got the victory against Mago Scarlet (3:0).

It’s always nice to witness matches of such talented and experienced Street Fighter players - you can learn a lot from them and absorb interesting tricks into your playing style.

Another significant tournament takes place in different regions until November - online events Capcom Pro Tour 2020.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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