• Yusuke Momochi
  • Japan

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Playing : 13+
Birthday : Feb 12, 1986 (37)
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Yusuke Momochi, known simply as Momochi, is a Street Fighter professional player from Tokyo, Japan. He is one of the owners of esports organization Shinobism and its team, also he is currently representing Victrix Pro. You can’t call him a character loyalist, as his exceptional game knowledge allows him to play whoever he wants, but he’s well known by extraordinary Ken performance in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

Momochi became an EVO 2015 Street Fighter IV champion as he has beaten Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang, and an EVO Japan 2019 champion as well with a victory over Fuudo in the Grand Final. He also had won Capcom Cup 2014 by beating Xian in the Grand Final of Street Fighter IV tournament. 

Momochi is usually playing quite safe, focusing on hit confirming and whiff punishing. He's known for being extremely precise and cold while playing, almost without any emotional expressions.

Check out his Twitch channel.