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Best Street Fighter Players Of All Time

Best Street Fighter Players Of All Time

Ilya Kravtsov
5 min

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Learn the stories of the great players from best Street Fighter game and get something useful from them

The history of the Street Fighter series of games goes back several decades. Tens of thousands of players are fighting on virtual battlefields, and more every day. But among them, there are those who have already achieved outstanding results thanks to the high skill of their game, and, possibly, luck.

Of course, the division of best Street Fighter players into places is rather arbitrary, because all of the players below are outstanding Street Fighter masters.

1. Daigo Umehara

First of all, he is the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter according to the Guinness World Records. So, we can call him officially - the best Street Fighter player. 

In Japan and in the world, he is known by different names. In his home country, he is "Umehara" or "Ume". Overseas he prefers to perform as "Daigo" or "The Beast".

He is a really professional gamer in 2D arcade fighting games, mainly those released by Capcom and one of the best among top street fighters.


The man got into World Records Book for his talent as a gamer. And he really deserves it. This is really fantastic!

And this is probably one of the best street fighter games all time.

Official Evo Moment #37, Daigo vs Justin Evo 2004 in HD by evo2kvids

2. Hajime Taniguchi

He is known as Tokido. This professional gamer is a multiple times winner of various fighting tournaments in general and Street Fighter in particular.

He won the EVO tournament (3), Capcom vs. SNK 2, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and other big & famous tournaments including Tokyo Game Show 2018. He is, probably, one of the best fighting game player of all time too.

3. Lee Seon-woo

He is known as "Infiltration". This South Korean player is the winner of many recent tournaments. Among his accomplishments is Street Fighter EVO (3). He also managed to dominate Daigo with a bracket reset and a full 6-0 sweep during the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global Tournament. It seems to us that this victory is worth the whole tournament.

4. Shinya Onuki

He is known as "Nuki". He, like Lee Seon-woo, is a three-time Street Fighter EVO champion. This player is a long-time and devoted supporter of Chun-Li. Despite this fighter's many nerfs, Nuki tries not to cheat on him. Perhaps Capcom will consider making Chun-Li a little stronger for such a dedicated and skilled professional gamer.


5. Alex Valle

He is known as "CaliPower". It is possible to list for a long time his services to the Street Fighter community. He is an old school professional player who has taken part in many interesting fights. Among all of them, we will publish only one, for which Daigo Umehara specially flew in the USA.

Daigo vs Valle:

Daigo vs Valle in 1998 by sephirosuy

6. Jason Cole

He is known as "AfroCole" and is one of the finest Street Fighter players. This veteran of gaming started in the 90s, with the emergence of the Street Fighter series as such. He became known for his excellent performances on Super Street Fighter II Turbo. And in the end, he won this tournament in 2001. Having won in 2002 he became the first proper EVO Street Fighter champion.

Afrocole (Usa) vs Sige (France) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo by Arcade Players TV

Oliver Hay

He is known by the nickname "Luffy". This player is outstanding and unique for several reasons. Firstly, he became the first from Europe who managed to win in actually the most prestigious Street Fighter tournament - EVO 2014. He did it on a PS1 joystick, which is very unusual for 2014. For this, he chose the character Rose, who was considered as a mid-tier in Ultra Street Fighter IV. He is definitely one of the best fighting game players in the world and guy, who is the best fighting game player in Europe among the SF IV community.



But of course, this list, like many similar ones, is rather subjective. Therefore, only you can decide who is the best street fighter ever for you. For some reason, some people like to make such lists with 1-5 people and call them, for example, "Best Street Fighter 5 player" or "Top Street Fighter 5 players". But we decided to include 7 people here because they really deserve it!

If you are a freshman in SF V try our tips for beginners. And maybe one day, you will become the best Street Fighter player in the world! This is just the very first step.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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