Street Fighter 5 Guide: Tips for beginners

Ilya Kravtsov
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Street Fighter 5 Guide: Tips for beginners
You can find a lot of Street Fighter tips and tricks below

We hope that the guide will be useful for those who are new to fighting games. If you decide to try yourself in this genre, then Street Fighter V is the best fit.

This game is both lightweight and versatile, it can show you many of the features of other fighting games. And of course, you can find here some Street Fighter tips.

First of all, don't jump too often if your hero doesn't specialize in it. As a beginner, don't jump too often. In Discord, as in many other fighting games, you need to handle it carefully, wisely choosing the moment.

Otherwise, you risk getting a series of blows, as you simply open up, imposing restrictions on yourself in the attack and removing all kinds of protection. You can't block or dodge while in the air, so don't risk it again.

Losing opponents often begin to actively jump, thereby trying to get away from all the opponent's blows and confuse him. In this case, prepare anti-air attacks and put a block.


At the very beginning of the battle, the players are engaged in positioning. To gain a comfortable spot in the arena, they have to resort to kicking attacks that can knock the opponent back and make room.

Before playing as a new character, study his / her long and fast attacks, and also check their distance. As a result, you will know what technique you can use to throw the enemy back when they begin to pinch you into a corner. Remember the attack distance in order to hit for sure.


The most important part of Street Fighter 5 tips. Combo moves in Street Fighter V give the opportunity to inflict maximum damage on opponents if they are temporarily opened. Having studied at least the standard two-hit combos initially, you will already improve your skills and become closer to victory. You can find a lot of helpful combos in Dashfight’s Street Fighter guides.

Combos are formed according to the usual system in fighting games: making a simple blow, you continue the attack with the corresponding buttons and, as a result, carry out a series. Combos are like legal Street Fighter tricks.

Keep in mind (it’s very important not only for this Street Fighter guide) that each hero has different combos, so at first, it is worth tackling one or two characters specifically. You cannot remember the techniques of all the heroes at once.


You were thrown to the ground - what to do next? If the enemy knocks you out, you will fall on your back and lie down until you tell the hero to stand up. Naturally, the enemy will try to use the chance as efficiently as possible, attacking you most painfully.

Once in this position, you must get out of the situation as beautifully as possible, stopping the opponent's attack and inflicting damage on him. So, Ryu can use "Dragon Strike", which will simultaneously raise him and attack the offender. This is a good example of Street Fighter Ryu tips.

If your opponent is on his shoulder blades, do not rush at him outright, but wait until his stun disappears. Try to steal such a window of time for an attack, when the stun is about to fall off the opponent so that the blow succeeds, and the enemy does not have time to respond to you with a counter-attack.


The red (V) and blue (EX) color scales demonstrate the key indicators of the hero. The first shows your V-return and V-trigger - a couple of new features in Street Fighter V.

V-return unlocks the ability to stop an enemy attack when you are in a block. The V-trigger is such a scale that shows the hero's unique skill, allowing him to carry out a painful series of attacks.

The trigger is filled in the course of taking damage (a kind of rage), or during the use of V-skill. The V-scale disappears after the completion of each round.

EX-scale is a resource of EX-abilities, which are analogous to regular ones, but with much higher damage. It grows through your attacks and blocks, plus it persists when moving to a new round. If you are sure that you will lose a around, it makes sense to save the EX-scale for the next one to take revenge.

We hope, you enjoyed our Street Fighter 5 guide, and you have no more questions, how to play Street Fighter.

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