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  • Kenryo Hayashi
  • GyoGun
  • Japan

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Kenryo "Mago" Hayashi is a professional Street Fighter player from Japan. Formerly known as "2DGOD" in Japanese arcades, he is a legend that has made it to Capcom Cup thrice in a row. The Karin main has a playstyle that focuses on precision and spacing, making the Kazuki heiress a perfect fit. 

In his Street Fighter IV days, Mago played Fei Long, which is when he honed his technique. Cammy is another character the Japanese player can harness, making him a force to be reckoned. 

Despite his overall impressive skill, his performance follows a weird pattern which led to some people calling his powered-up state a "September Mago". More on that can be found in theScore esports documentary on Youtube.

Competing in SFV, at both Canada Cup and Capcom Cup last year, Mago was able to finish in 4th place. He also placed 2nd at EVO Japan 2020 and 3rd at Topanga Championship 2020. Mago currently represents GyoGun.

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