Sensations and drama at the resumption of Street Fighter League Pro

Ilya Kravtsov
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Sensations and drama at the resumption of Street Fighter League Pro
Among the players who were defeated was Punk. He lost to SKZ
Street Fighter League Pro-US - NASR vs. UYU, Alpha 3 vs. All In - Season 3 Week 1 by Capcom Fighters

Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020 Season 3 began with battles between «NASR» (Bigbird, Angrybird, Samurai) vs. «UYU» (Oil King, Kami, JB) and «Alpha 3» (Punk, CJ Truth, Nephew) vs. «All In» (iDom, 801 Strider, SKZ). The ones who gained the day were «All In» and «NASR».

Each game was interesting because real professionals were playing. Despite the fact that one of the pairs of teams had a whitewash, and the other had a tense struggle until the last rounds, each of the participants deserves to learn their techniques and tactics.

List of participants:

  • All In (iDom, 801 Strider, SKZ);
  • Alpha 3 (Punk, Nephew, CJ Truth;
  • Dynamite (Smug, MenaRD, and GamerBee);
  • NASR (Big Bird, Angry Bird, Samurai);
  • Psycho Shinobi (Hotdog29, Caba, Xian);
  • UYU (Oil King, Kami, JB).

Also, you should notice that no fewer than five originally scheduled participants were unable to make it to the event for various reasons.

Street Fighter League Pro-US 2020 Season 3 Week 1 Results

«All In» - «Alpha 3» (3-0)
(Bans - Kolin and G)

  1. AI|iDom (Poison) defeats A3|CJ Truth (Cammy) (2-1)
  2. AI|SKZ (Seth) defeats A3|Punk (Karin) (2-0)
  3. AI|801 Strider (Urien) defeats A3|Nephew (Lucia) (2-0)

«NASR» - «UYU» (3-2)
(Bans - Akuma and Rashid)

  1. NASR|Angrybird (Seth) defeats UYU|Oil King (Seth) 2-0
  2. NASR|Angrybird (Seth) defeats UYU|Kami (Seth) 2-0
  3. UYU|Oil King (Seth) defeats NASR|BigBird (G) 2-1
  4. NASR|Angrybird (Seth) defeats UYU|JB (Poison) 2-0
  5. UYU|Kami (Seth) defeats NASR|Samurai (Kage) 2-0

Season 4 will continue Season 3 every Thursday at 4 p.m. PDT for the next 16 weeks.

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