801 Strider

  • Gustavo Romero
  • USA

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Gustavo "801 Strider" Romero is a Mexican professional Street Fighter V player based in Salt Lake City Utah, USA. He got into fighting games at a young age playing Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters at a local arcade in Mexico. He fell in love with Street Fighter after buying a discounted copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Edition after moving to Salt Lake City Utah and finally got inspired to get involved in the fighting games community after watching EVO Moment #37 for the first time.

He made his first breakthrough during the CEO 2015 Ultra Street Fighter IV event where he faced off and won against Daigo Umehara, he eventually lost to Kazunoko in the finals finishing up in 2nd place in the Tournament. He has earned total prize money of $10,980.60 from 16 Tournaments in the course of his career and is currently sponsored by Team Sonicboxx.

801 Strider mains G with Laura co-main with Urien and Lucia secondaries in Street Fighter V.

Apart from gaming, Gustavo maintains a strict diet and fitness regimen, has a dog named Lola and competed in Persona 4 arena earlier in his career.

You can check 801 Strider on Twitch.