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Street Fighter League - Which Teams are the Best in the US?

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Street Fighter League - Which Teams are the Best in the US?
Pic Source: Capcom Fighters YouTube
Yep, we know the answer! Two winners of the SF League playoffs are… Wait a moment! We’ll place the results at the end of this post to avoid spoilers

Looking back at the 15 weeks of Street Fighter League Pro-US is both an exciting and a bit sad feeling. First of all, that was an incredible level of fighting esports competition! Thank you to all the players for so many powerful moments and so many deep emotions. But then, the event is over… it’s a bit sad.

Let’s focus on many positive aspects, though. First of all, the playoff matches were… breathtaking? mind-blowing? Yes, these words are quite suitable. But don’t believe us! Watch them on the video - to enjoy the best Street Fighter possible and discover the results in the most exciting way.

Street Fighter League Pro-US started with these matches:

The Winners Bracket - Alpha 3 vs All-In

The Losers Bracket - NASR vs Dynamite

And then… please, check out the stream if you want to witness the battle or scroll further to see the recap of the whole event.

Street Fighter League Pro-Us Playoffs - Stream

***Spoiler alert, SF League results***

The first match was between the two best teams from the group stage (check out this post about Street Fighter League Week 14).

Alpha 3 vs All-In


The Alpha 3 guys look relaxed and quite confident in this pre-match interview:

The All-In players also expressed their feelings:

  • Nephew (G) vs SKZ (Seth) - 2:0
  • CJ Truth (Cammy) vs 801 Strider (G) - 1:2
  • Punk (Karin) vs iDom (Laura) - 2:0
  • Nephew (G) vs 801 Strider (G) - 0:2
  • Punk (Karin) vs 801 Strider (G) - 0:2

Alpha 3 won 3:2 and became the first team of two to face the best Japanese players at the upcoming Street Fighter League World Championship. The role of Victor “Punk” Woodley (Panda Global) is crucial for this victory. Do you agree he is the best Street Fighter player on the planet?

NASR vs Dynamite


Let’s listen to the NASR players in their pre-match interview:

And what about the team Dynamite? They made it to the playoffs thanks to the victory at SF League Week 14.

NASR eliminates Dynamite 3:0 and proceeds to the fight against All-In - for the chance to play at the World Championship.

All-In vs NASR

  • SKZ (Seth) vs Samurai (Ryu) - 1:2
  • 801 Strider (G) vs AngryBird (Seth) - 1:2
  • iDom (Laura) vs Big Bird (Ken) - 2:0
  • iDom (Laura) vs Samurai (Ryu) - 2:1
  • iDom (Laura) vs AngryBird (Seth) - 0:2

NASR wins 3:2 and becomes the second American team that will play against Japanese titans at the Street Fighter League World Championship.

Here are the after-match words from Amjad “AngryBird” Alshalabi (NASR), MVP of this fighting esports tournament.

 Street Fighter League Pro-US Playoff Results

The next time we'll see many of these players fighting against each other is the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final, planned for February 19-20.

At Street Fighter League World Championship, the teams Alpha 3 and NASR will play against Nemo Aurora and Tokido Flame. Believe us guys, it’s better not miss that show!

It’s also super interesting to see how the upcoming big update of the battle balance will affect the pro SF scene. What do you think? Let us know on DashFight Forum!

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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