MenaRD wins Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2

Oct 19 20202 min
MenaRD wins Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2
One qualifier closer to Capcom Cup 2020

Most of the professional Street Fighter players chose one character and made them primary to take into all the matches. Many pro players use two fighters. Rarely you can see three SFV characters in the active roster. But Saul “MenaRD” Mena at Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2 destroyed these traditions - the guy played five(!) fighters. And he won, so we will see him among other competitors at the upcoming big SFV event Capcom Cup 2020.

Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2 had 147 attendees. First, they played in the starting pools for the chance to enter the Top 16 part. 

Street Fighter 5 esports - Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2, Top 16

MenaRD won his only Top 16 match against Lenny Alexander “Crossover” Almanzar and proceeded to the Winners Brackets of the Top 8 part.

In the Semi-Final, he defeated Luis “LuiMan20” Veras (3:1), and then Saul had three matches against Antonio “KUSANAGI” Medrano. MenaRD won the Final (3:2), lost the Grand Final (2:3), and then won the Grand Final Reset (3:0).

Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2, Top 5 - SF5 esports

Top 8 players of Capcom Pro Tour Central America 2

  • 1. Saul “MenaRD” Mena (Bandits) - Abigail / Sakura / R.Mika / Birdie / Seth
  • 2. Antonio “KUSANAGI” Medrano - Sakura
  • 3. Sebastián “Sr. Aguilera” Aguilera (AAA) - Laura / Ibuki
  • 4. Jose “Hermes_Venatori” Constanzo - Cammy
  • 5. Luis “LuiMan20” Veras (TMM) - Dhalsim / Ken
  • 5. Ricardo “Mono” Román (RR) - F.A.N.G.
  • 7. Lenny Alexander “Crossover” Almanzar - Seth / Akuma
  • 7. Ricardo “GranTODAKAI” Mosquera - Urien

Another CC 2020 attendee from the same region is Cristhoper “Caba” Rodriguez who won SV5 Capcom Pro Tour Central America 1.

The previous event of this qualifier series was for players from Western Europe - Infexious is the winner. The next tournament of CPT 2020 is planned for October 24 - Asia East 2.



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