Infexious Wins Capcom Pro Tour Europe West 2

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Infexious Wins Capcom Pro Tour Europe West 2
It was the second SFV Capcom Cup 2020 qualifier in Western Europe

The fighting games community inevitably approaches the end of the long series of Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, so many regions already have their two participants at the upcoming Street Fighter 5 event Capcom Cup 2020. On September 11, we got the second pro player from Western Europe. DC “Infexious” Coleman will make a good company for Takamura_B, who won CPT West Europe 1 in July.

This SF5 esports event had 247 attendees. First, they fought in eight starting pools to be among the TOP 16 players.

Street Fighter V tournament Capcom Pro Tour Europe West 2 - Top 16

DC “Infexious” Coleman won his Top 16 match against Claude Eric “Hurricane” D and proceeded to the winner's bracket of the Top 8 part.

In the Winners Semi-Final, Infexious played against Pastor “Mopuulapo” Mop and won 3:1. The final match was against Anthony “GuN_SLinGa” Phillips - 3:0. In the Grand Final, Infexious met Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol and won 3:0. Congratulations!

SFV esports event Capcom Pro Tour Europe West 2 - Top 8

Top 8 players of Capcom Pro Tour Europe West 2 

  • 1. DC “Infexious” Coleman (Mildom BST) - Zeku / Ken / Kage
  • 2. Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol (ASMonaco) - Dhalsim / G
  • 3. Anthony “GuN_SLinGa” Phillips - Zeku
  • 4. Pastor “Mopuulapo” Mop - Balrog
  • 5. Claude Eric “Hurricane” D - Cammy
  • 5. Shivan “Shivs” Dass - Laura / Menat
  • 7. Alfonso “VegaPatch” Martinez Pozo (VGIA) - F.A.N.G.
  • 7. Kilyan “Kilzyou” Faucheux - Karin

There will be 5 more Capcom Pro Tour tournaments. The next one is planned for October 17 - Central America 2.

Another interesting series of fighting esports events is Street Fighter League - the US part started quite recently and we are already 2 weeks deep into the Japanese section.

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