Takamura_B Wins Europe West 1 Capcom Pro Tour 2020

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Takamura_B Wins Europe West 1 Capcom Pro Tour 2020
Another exciting qualifier is over and we’ve got the next competitor for the upcoming Capcom Cup 2020

On July 18-19, Street Fighter V players from Western Europe fought for the chance to participate in the big final tournament later this year. 

There were 220 entrants, divided into 8 groups. After the initial qualifying stage, winners in each group proceeded to the quarter-finals and the second players fell into the losers bracket.

After the quarter-final matches, we’ve got 4 participants of the semi-finals:

  • Problem X from mousesports (M.Bison / Abigail)
  • Takamura_B (Akuma)
  • Boltstrike from Reason (Vega)
  • Hurricane (Cammy)

Contenders of the losers round and the other 4 players in TOP 8 of this tournament are:

  • Broski (Dhalsim)
  • Infexious from Mildom BST(Zeku / Ken)
  • Momi from AA (Cammy)
  • VegaPatch from VGIA (F.A.N.G.).

Takamura_B and Hurricane played in the Winners Final and Grand Final. Houmaid “Takamura_B” Rabie from Belgium won twice. And here is the final positioning in TOP 8 of the qualifier Europe West 1 Capcom Pro Tour 2020:

1. Takamura_B

2. Hurricane

3. Problem X

4. Broski

5. Momi

5. Boltstrike

7. Infexious

7. VegaPatch

You can enjoy this Street Fighter 5 esports tournament on the video - there are quite a few interesting fights:

We will meet Takamura_B at the Capcom Cup tournament along with Pikoro, the winner of South America 1 section of Capcom Pro Tour 2020.

The next competition of this series will be Asia East 1 on July 25. If you want to participate in such events in the future, our guide Street Fighter 5 for beginners may become quite helpful.