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BenjaminProblem XSimon is a Street Fighter player from the United Kingdom. He is the Street Fighter V EVO Champion of 2018 and also a participant and winner of other tournaments such as April Annihilation 2019, Reflect 2019, and Sonic Bloom VI. More recently, he placed 2nd in EVO 2021 ONLINE - SFV Europe West .

Problem X represents Mousesports and plays characters such as M. Bison and Abigail in SFV. He is one of the strongest street fighter players to date and despite his age one of the most experienced ones as he started his professional way in Street Fighter IV with some notable achievements like 3rd places on DreamHack Summer in 2012 and 2014, VSFighting 2014, and 1st place on DreamHack London 2015 with a win over Afsar "Afii" Ali, another British professional player.  

In Street Fighter V, he started with a notable win over Olivier "Luffy" Hay in the Grand Finals of Hypespotting V, and it was just the beginning. Over the following years, Problem X became a champion of Sonic Boom IV, Celtic Throwdown in 2017 and 2018, Street Grand Battle 2017, EGX 2017 with a win over Gachikun in the Grand Final, Northwest Majors X, Headstomper 2018, and of course his most significant achievement - EVO 2018 Champion by beating Tokido himself in the Grand Final.

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