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DC "Infexious" Coleman is a British Street Fighter player that mains Zeku, Necalli, and Zangief. Although an accomplished Street Fighter IV player, infexious didn't gain popularity in Street Fighter V until he finished 3rd in EVO 2019 using underrated character Zeku.

The Infexious gaming legend rose as the UK player made it into Capcom Cup 2019 and had a decent 13-16th place finish. He also came close to winning Red Bull Kumite last year but lost to Atsushi "Fujimura" Fujimura in the Grand Finals.

A member of Team Beast before Cygames dissolved the roster; he rejoined the team along with former teammates Daigo Umehara "The Beast", Eduardo  Pérez "PR Balrog", Keita Ai "Fuudo" after it picked up Mildom as a new sponsor.

Infexious won Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Europe 2 with a streak of 8 wins with zero losses in matches against players like Mister Crimson, GuN_SLinGa, and Mopuulapo. This qualified him for a spot at Capcom Cup 2020.

He has also competed at tourneys such as CAPCOM Pro Tour 2019 ASIA Premier, Celtic Throwdown 2018 & 2019, Headstomper 2019, Sonic Boom VI, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 & 2019, and VSFighting 2018 & 2019. More recently, he placed 3rd in EVO 2021 ONLINE - SFV Europe West .