Street Fighter Excitement of Kemonomichi 4

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Street Fighter Excitement of Kemonomichi 4
Pic Source: @daigothebeast Twitter
Two excellent show matches you don’t want to miss

On December 30, the fighting games community could enjoy the fights of Kemonomichi 4. Daigo Umehara announced this event around a month ago, making everyone (ok, us specifically) super excited.

Not all the matches of this event were of the fighting games. There were competitions in Pyo Pyo Tetris and DoDonPachi DaiOuJou.

We are mainly interested in the Street Fighter matches:

  • Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo — Yuuvega (M. Bison) vs Kotaka Shoten (Guile)
  • Street Fighter V — Tokido (Urien) vs Kawano (Kolin)

Before we reveal the results, here is the stream by Infexious, a  Mildom Beast teammate of Daigo and the winner of CPT UK/Ireland 2.

Kemonomichi 4 Stream

And here are the results.

  • Yuuvega defeated Kotaka Shoten — 3:2

Three of these five sets were pretty close (4:3 — Yuuvega won in such a way twice). Also, both players had their dominant sets: 4:0 for Kotaka Shoten and 4:1 for Yuuvega.

  • Tokido defeated Kawano in two sets (both are 4:2)

Kemonomichi 4 has pretty interesting rules, check out the video for the details — and of course, to feel the atmosphere.

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