Street Fighter 5: Dhalsim Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Dhalsim Guide - Combos and Move List

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He is a yogi who decided to use his amazing abilities in SFV matches. Will you be able to control this power in your game?

Dhalsim is one of the most interesting Street Fighter characters. And his uniqueness is not only in the miraculous stretching of his limbs and attacks with fire - the other fighters also can do some breathtaking tricks (Hadoken of Ryu is also not your ordinary move). Dhalsim Street Fighter follows the spiritual path of Yoga and theoretically should avoid all types of violence. But in practice, he is a hero in one of the most popular fighting games in the world. What happened to his spiritual path? And (what is more fascinating for the SF5 community) how the Yoga practice affects the Dhalsim moves and abilities?

Let’s take a closer look at the fighting yogi in this Street Fighter V guide on DashFight!

Story of Dhalsim

He lives in an Indian village and feels strongly connected to people there. They are poor and have no possibility of getting money. Dhalsim decided to participate in the World Warrior tournament and thus help the local folks - financially.

Of course, he always helps them spiritually. For example, in one of the Character Stories of Street Fighter 5, Dhalsim teaches a policeman how to levitate. And he definitely gives wise advice on the nature of this world and our place in it.

Probably, after reaching the essence of eternal knowledge, Dhalsim threw away all the limitations - even those that led him on the spiritual path. And free from everything, he can enjoy Street Fighter V matches and use almost magical abilities to kick asses of his opponents

In Street Fighter games, Dhalsim doesn’t want to harm anyone, even such evil guys as M. Bison. Sometimes, he is seemingly angry and annoyed - for example with Balrog for killing an elephant.

Flame that lights the way - Street Fighter Dhalsim

The first appearance of Dhalsim in the Street Fighter series was in the game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. That was his attempt to raise money for poor people.

Then, we saw the yogi in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3, where he decided to defeat M. Bison. During this adventure, Dhalsim makes Cammy self-aware.

In Street Fighter IV, his village suffers from a lack of water - Shadaloo has built a dam. Dhalsim participates in the tournament to solve the problem. He fights many opponents (including Seth, the main antagonist of this game) and destroys the dam.

To discover what is going on with Dhalsim in Street Fighter V, play his Character Story and the General Story A Shadow Falls. Dhalsim is among the 16 basic characters, so you will have him even with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Dhalsim Street Fighter V

The ability to stretch limbs makes Dhalsim a very good character for fighting at a distance. His fire attacks perfectly support such a style. Dhalsim can teleport to keep a comfortable distance. And he is a Street Fighter 5 floating character.

The defense of this fighter is not very good, so he should avoid powerful hits from such mighty guys as Zangief

Basic attacks - Dhalsim Street Fighter 5 move set

  • Light Punch is a quick hit with the right hand. It’s quite weak. Crouching Light Punch is also a quick hit but with the left hand - Dhalsim makes it from a yoga posture. Jumping Light Punch covers a much bigger distance - the fighter stretches his left hand to hit the opponent diagonally forward and down.
  • Medium Punch - a direct hit with a stretched hand. From the crouching (sitting) position, Dhalsim stretches his hand and performs an effective anti-air attack. Jumping Medium Punch is stronger than the light one and differs by the hit direction - it comes straight forward.
  • Heavy Punch - Dhalsim makes a great trick and covers a huge distance. His two strongly stretched hands hit the opponent very low. Crouching Heavy Punch is an unusual hit with both hands (of normal length). It’s a very good starter for Dhalsim combos. Jumping Heavy Punch is of a medium range.
  • Light Kick is a very quick hit. From the sitting position, Dhalsim slides towards the opponent. Jumping Light Kick also doesn’t use the stretching ability.
  • Medium Kick - from the standing position, Dhalsim stretches his leg to hit the opponent. Crouching Medium Kick is very similar to the Light one but it covers a bigger distance. It’s true also for Jumping Medium Kick.
  • Heavy Kick - this attack uses the same patterns as other Kicks, but the hits are stronger and they reach more distant opponents. Jumping Heavy Kick is an air-to-air attack.

Unique attacks - Street Fighter 5 moves of Dhalsim

  • Drill Kick - while jumping, press down and any Kick. Dhalsim spins quickly and hits the opponent like a drill. You can change the angle.
  • Yoga Anvil - press backward and Heavy Punch. This attack reaches very far. It’s a two-hand hit.
  • Yoga Upper - press backward and Medium Punch. It’s an uppercut.
  • Divine Kick - press backward and Medium Kick. It slightly changes the standard Medium Kick. 
  • Thrust Kick - press diagonally back and down with Medium Punch.

Special moves of Dhalsim SFV

  • Yoga Fire - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Punch. A fireball appears from the mouth of Dhalsim. It floats towards the opponent and burns them.
  • Yoga Flame - make a half-circle movement with the stick (forward and backward) and press any Punch. Dhalsim breathes fire.
  • Yoga Gale - perform Yoga Flame while jumping (neutral or forward). It’s a quickfire breath in the air.
  • Yoga Teleport - make a Z-like movement with the stick (forward or backward) and press three Punches (or Kicks). Dhalsim appears in a different place. With Punches, you teleport the fighter behind the opponent.
  • Yoga Sansara - press Heavy Punch and Kick.

V-System - Dhalsim Street Fighter 5

  • V-Skill I - Yoga Float. Press Medium Punch and Kick. Can be performed with moving forward. Dhalsim floats above the ground. He can perform basic attacks, Yoga Gale, and Yoga Sunburst.
  • V-Skill I - Yoga Float (airborne). Perform Yoga Float while jumping. 
  • V-Skill II - Yoga Deep Breath. Press Medium Punch and Kick. Fire breath covers the ground with flames.
  • V-Trigger I - Yoga Burner. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. 
  • V-Trigger II - Yoga Sansara. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. You can do this in the air.
  • V-Reversal - Yoga Mala. While guarding, press forward and three Punches. It's a powerful hit with both hands and the whole body.

Critical Art of SFV Dhalsim

  • Yoga Sunburst - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) twice and press any Punch. A huge fireball floats towards the opponent.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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