• Kanamori Tsunehiro
  • Red Bull eSports
  • Japan

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Birthday : Apr 23, 1992 (29)
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Tsunehiro “gachikun” Hanamori is a professional Street Fighter player from Japan who represents Red Bull eSports.

With exceptional Sagat play in Ultra Street Fighter IV, he became one of the best players from Hiroshima marking the beginning of his professional path in competitive gaming scene. 

After the release of Street Fighter V, gachikun became one of the few Rashid mains in Season 1. At Red Bull Kumite 2017 he made it all the way up to the Grand Finals by beating Tokido, Xiao Hai, and Infiltration

In 2018 gachikun became the 3rd Japanese Capcom Cup Champion, with a big win over Itabashi Zangief in the Grand Final, which is the pinnacle of his career for now. Check out gackikun's detailed interview after this victory.

gachikun has active Twitter and Twitch channels, and he's also a big fan of western, American in particular, TV-shows, like The Simpsons. Also, his nickname might be a reference to a Japanese "Busamen Gachi Fighter" manga series, or to a well-known all over the internet so-called "gachi threads".