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Atsushi “Fujimura” Fujimura is a Street Fighter player from Japan, mainly known by playing Ibuki in Street Fighter V.

He used to play C. Viper at the start of the career in Street Fighter IV and made some strong impression on top players at the Japanese pro scene. Then with Street Fighter V release, he switched to Nash and took 3rd place at EVO 2016, losing only to Infiltration.

In season 2017 of the Capcom Pro Tour, Fujimura picked Ibuki, and his performance at major tournaments like Socal Regionals, DreamHack Summer, and Dueling Dragons Dojo established him as one of the strongest Street Fighter players in the world.

Fujimura is also known as Yukadon, but he changed nickname as this term became some kind of sexual innuendo in Japan. He is also known as The Machine among the Korean Street Fighter community due to his exceedingly optimal play.

Fujimura is currently representing Shinobism Gaming since March 2020, and you can also see him play at his Mildom streams.