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Street Fighter League Japan 2022 Playoff Results

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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Street Fighter League Japan 2022 Playoff Results
The Street Fighter League Japan Grand Finals will be an exciting rollercoaster

After 14 grueling weeks of action, four teams faced off against one another for a chance to make it into the grand finals of the Street Fighter League Japan Championship.

At the end of the regular season, Good 8 Squad which comprises Evo Winner Kawano, former Capcom Cup winner, Gachikun, Bison specialist Dogura, and Capcom Cup qualifier, Pugera were at the top of the pile, which gave them an automatic ticket to the grand finals. The other four teams had to duke it out for the chance to go up against Good 8 Squad.

The four teams in action for the Street Fighter League Japan playoff were:

Saishunkan Sol KUMAMOTO

V6 Plus FAV Rohto Gaming

Nagoya Oja Bodystar Mildom

Shinobism Gaming

The format was pretty simple: the first two teams on the league table (Nagoya Oja and Saishunkan Sol KUMAMOTO) played first in a winners' bracket of sorts while the other two teams (V6 Plus FAV Rohto Gaming and Shinobism) played in the losers bracket. The losers of the first match then had to play the winners of the second match to determine the two teams that would join Good 8 Squad in the grand finals.

The format was a little different from the norm, whereby three players would step up for each team, with one in the home side and the other on the away side. The away side had to reveal their order before the match, and the home team had a chance to counter-pick them for the game. The first and second games were worth 10 points each, while the anchor match was worth 20 points. If both teams were tied at the end of the three matches, there was a final tiebreaker match worth 5 points. The playoffs went a little differently, and the format saw both teams play on the home and away side. This meant there were ostensibly 2 sets, and the aim was for a team to hit 50 points. 

The first match was between Saishunkan Sol KUMAMOTO and Nagoya Oja Bodystar Mildom. The former ran out as the winners and guaranteed their spot in grand finals.

The next match was between FAV Rohto Gaming and Shinobism Gaming. This was a very close match and when FAV ran into a 40-0 lead, it looked like it would be a breeze. But, incredible skill from Momochi and co saw them perform a roaring comeback to share the spoils at 40-40. It was down to a final match in which Torimeshi took responsibility for his team and prevailed over Fujimura's Luke

This pitted FAV against Nagoya Oja. This was also an entertaining match with thrilling fights between both teams, but it came down to Fuudo against Tokido. With the game in the final round, Fuudo got the win over Tokido and helped his team advance to grand finals. 

The grand finals will take place on the 21st of January 2023 for paid subscribers while it will be broadcast for free later. 

You can relive all the action below with time stamps here:

Nagoya Oja Body Star Mildom vs  Saishunkan Sol

00:30:37 Fuudo (Poison) vs Nemo (Urien)

00:41:55 Akira (Cammy) vs Higuchi (Guile)

00:56:09 Daigo (Guile) vs Shuto (Urien)

01:16:45 Akira (Cammy) vs Higuchi (Guile)

01:30:12 Daigo (Guile) vs YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)

01:51:59 Fuudo (Poison) vs Shuto (Urien)

V6 Plus FAV Rohto Gaming vs Shinobism Gaming

02:35:20 Torimeshi (Dhalsim) vs Fujimura (Luke)

02:54:00 Sako (Menat) vs Yamaguchi (Luke)

03:11:18 Tokido (Luke) vs Momochi (Cody)

03:45:35 Bonchan (Luke) vs Fujimura (Luke)

03:59:13 Sako (Menat) vs Momochi (Cody)

04:17:35 Tokido (Luke) vs Yamaguchi (Luke)

04:45:52 Torimeshi (Dhalsim) vs Fujimura (Luke)

V6 Plus FAV Rohto Gaming vs Nagoya Oja Body Star Mildom







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