• Narita Masahiro
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Japanese Street Fighter pro, Narita “Narikun” Masahiro was an Elena user in the series’ fourth numbered title. In Street Fighter V, his character of choice is the kunoichi Ibuki, with her projectiles and crafty playstyle.

Narikun is currently signed to A.M.G. and has attended several high-level events during his career. His accolades include 1st place finishes in SFV singles at TOPANGA Challenge Cup and Toushinsai 2019, 9th at Sonic Boom 2019, 17th at SEA Major 2019 A. Major 2019, and 33rd at EVO Japan 2020.

At Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 East Asia 1, Narikun placed 97th with a 50% set win rate. He lost matches against Tokido and Torimeshi (鶏めし).