Daigo is the First Inductee to Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement

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Daigo is the First Inductee to Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement
This legendary Street Fighter player is on the professional scene for many years now and he is still successfully competing

We are far away from the actual ceremony of Esports Awards 2020 but we’ve already got great news from the organizers. This year the first inductee to the Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement in esports class of 2020 is Daigo “Daigo” Umehara (known also as The Beast).

Many people in the fighting games community are excited about this award for two reasons. First, Daigo really deserves this honor. He is in the fighting esports for 25 years now, has lots of victories, including many EVO trophies, and continues playing on the professional level. One of his recent victories was at Capcom Pro Tour Asia East 1.

Also, this award is an achievement for the whole fighting game esports. This area of professional gaming usually has a smaller audience than FPS (CS:GO), Battle Royales (Fortnite), or MOBAs (LoL). And still, such an authoritative organization as Esports Awards has chosen a fighting player for the Lifetime Achievement.

Here is the tweet with this announcement and the response of Daigo:

We at DashFight congratulate Daigo Umehara and wish the guy many success in the esports and beyond! It’s an amazing experience to see his style at fighting competitions. Will have this opportunity at the upcoming Capcom Cup 2020.

Take a look at this iconic moment #37 from EVO 2004, when Daigo defeated Justin Wong (they played Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike):

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