Stroder Ame

  • Guillermo A. Martinez Jr.
  • Nevermore International
  • USA

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Birthday : Feb 12, 2001 (21)
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Smash the Router 2: Ultimate Singles

May 16, 2020




Guillermo A. Martinez Jr. "Stroder Ame" is an American Super Smash Bros player from Arizona who currently represents Nevermore International. He has gone by several Gamertags including Stroderp, Strozai, StroKaze and eboy Tom Nook.

With Greninja, Joker, Mario, & Roy mains in Smash Ultimate, also Greninja, Lucina & Sheik mains in Smash 4 with multiple secondary characters in each title, attests to Stroders' versatility as a player and has thus been hailed as one of the best Greninja players in the world winning renown for defeating top contenders such as Lea, Nairo, Nicko, Pandarian, and Samsora among others.

Ranked 1st on the Arizona and on 29th on the Spring 2019 PGRU, Stroder has also competed in SSBU singles and placed 5th at Ultimate Nimbus, 7th at Heart of Battle, 9th at Mainstage, 13th at 2GG: Prime Saga & Shine 2019, 25th at EVO 2019 & Frostbite 2020, 33rd at Genesis 6 & Smash'N'Splash 5, 65th at 2GG: Kongo Saga & Super Smash Con 2019, and 129th at The Big House 9.

Ranked 5th place in the Glitch 8 singles event with a 78% set win rate, Stroder defeated the likes of Cosmos, Maister, and Spyro but eventually lost matches against Tweek and ESAM in the Top 8. He also teamed up with JW for doubles matches, the duo ranked 7th.

Stroder has had an amazing run at the Ascension Tournament series, winning 1st place in tournaments I to VIII excluding Ascension VI which he didn't compete in. He also won 2nd place at Ascension 2020, Ascension IX, and Super Ascension.

Take a peek at his Twitch channel here.