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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Greninja Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Greninja Guide

Umar Ibrahim
Updated: 8 min

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The ninja Pokémon — ast and furios on the Smash Ultimate fighting grounds

Greninja is one of ten playable Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Making his debut in Smash for Wii U and 3DS, he brings his high mobility and improved moveset to Smash Ultimate

The water-type Pokémon makes a very convincing ninja. He's the final evolution of Froakie and was created in the sixth generation of Pokémon games.

Greninja Smash Ultimate is a hit-and-run character that can quickly close in for attacks and then promptly pull out and escape. He's also got great ground-to-air potential and a good punish game thanks to multiple combo starters and advantageous frame data. Out-of-shield options are the biggest Greninja weakness.

How to unlock Greninja SSBU

Smash Ultimate Greninja can be unlocked in a few ways:

  • Have him join your party during the World of Light story mode. 

  • Playing Smash matches can unlock Greninja, but there are 57 other characters to unlock before him. 

  • Complete Classic Mode six times using Donkey Kong or any other character he unlocks. 

For more information on various game modes, check out this Smash Ultimate guide on DashFight.

Greninja's Alternate Costumes

Similar to fellow Pokémon Lucario, Greninja doesn't get much variety in the costumes he has. They're just color swaps that change the pigment of his skin, tongue, and other aspects of his body. All the colors for Greninja Ultimate are:

  • Grey

  • Red 

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Black

  • Purple

  • Indigo

Greninja changes since the last appearance 

SSB Greninja received several changes since his appearance in the Wii U and 3DS game. His Moveset has been tweaked overall and also has his animations and Final Smash. 

Forward Throw deals more damage while an arrow appears overhead to indicate the direction Hydro Pump will send him. He's generally lighter now and becomes Ash Greninja during his Final Smash. Certainly, Smash Ultimate offers the best Greninja moveset yet.

Smash Ultimate Greninja Guide — Move List

Normal Attacks

  • JabGreninja attacks opponents with two palm thrusts, followed by a double palm thrust that emits a water blast. If tapped repeatedly, he does a series of knife hand strikes and ends the attack with a final strike that emits a small water blast. Its speed makes it a great combo breaker. 
  • Forward TiltThis attack does a hook kick that sends opponents flying backward. 
  • Up TiltGreninja attacks with his tongue, serving as a great aerial combo starter, and it's also a convenient juggling tool. 
  • Down TiltThis attack is a low-hand sweep that's a good combo starter thanks to how it sends opponents up at an angle. 
  • Dash Attack — Greninja does a low sweep attack, which is probably one of the best dash attacks in the game because of how it sets opponents up in the air for combos. It also crosses opponents that have their shields up.

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Special, Water Shuriken — Greninja creates a shuriken of water and fires it straight ahead. He's also able to charge it, making the projectile grow in size and damage. Both versions have a limited distance they travel. 
  • Side Special, Shadow Sneak — In a whirl of smoke, Greninja warps towards his target and launches them into the air. Depending on his proximity to the opponent, the attack can come from the front or back. 
  • Up Special, Hydro Pump — This move fires a powerful jet of water from below that launches the Pokémon up in the direction you choose. Useful for escaping tight situations or catching up to an airborne opponent. 
  • Down special, Substitute — Greninja adopts a special stance, and if attacked while in it, he evades by substituting his body with an item and counters with a dash attack. Greninja's counter is quick to initiate, allowing him to control the flow of battle. 

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash — a quick slash with kunai.
  • Up Smash — Greninja attacks the opponent with two kunai, slashing upward
  • Down Smash — it's again a kunai attack. Greninja hit opponents on both sides.

Final Smash

Secret Ninja AttackGreninja hits a portion of the ground, which causes Mat Block to flip opponents into the air. He then strikes them repeatedly with dash attacks before hitting them back down to the ground. His Final Smash doesn't have much range, so make sure to dash into range before making use of it.

Greninja Combos in SSBU

This Smash fighter has great combo potential. The starters are pretty different.

Dash Attack combos

  • Dash Attack -> Forward Air (works on high percents)
  • Dash Attack -> Back Air
  • Dash Attack -> Up Air
  • Dash Attack -> Up Smash
  • Dash Attack -> Up Tilt -> Up Smash
  • Dash Attack -> Drag Down Up Air -> Jab Lock 1 -> Down Tilt -> Up Smash
  • Dash Attack -> Drag Down Up Air -> Jab Lock 1 +2 -> Forward Smash

Up Tilt combos

  • Up Tilt -> Up Tilt -> Up Air
  • Up Tilt -> Back Air
  • Up Tilt -> Up Smash -> Up Air
  • Up Tilt -> Neutral Air
  • Up Tilt - Forward Air

Down Tilt combos

  • Down Tilt -> Down Tilt -> Jab
  • Down Tilt -> Up Smash
  • Down Tilt -> Dash Attack -> Up Smash
  • Down Tilt -> Up Air
  • Down Tilt -> Forward Air

Air Attacks combos

  • Neutral Air -> Dash attack -> Up Smash
  • Forward Air -> Dash Attack -> Dash Attack -> Up Smash
  • Up Air -> Up Tilt -> Up Smash -> Up Air
  • Up Air -> Forward Smash
  • Down Air -> Back Air
  • Down Air -> Forward Air

Throw combos

  • Up Throw -> Back Air
  • Up Throw -> Jump -> Up Air

Some interesting Greninja combos Smash Ultimate can be started with Fully charged Neutral Special, Water Shuriken:

  • Neutral Special -> Down Tilt -> Jab
  • Neutral Special -> Forward Tilt
  • Neutral Special -> Up Smash -> Up Air
  • Neutral Special -> Dash Attack -> Forward Air
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Greninja Combos 

Greninja Smash Ultimate Guide — Overview 


The agile Pokémon has excellent combo potential, with his mobility giving him an air of unpredictability — train this speedy game if you want to know how to play Greninja Smash Ultimate. He's also able to cancel into any ground attack, which will help you keep your opponents guessing. Dash in and out of their attack range and mix-up your attacks for maximum efficiency. As you keep applying pressure, your opponent will start pushing buttons that you can punish for significant damage.

Some favorable Greninja counters are Little Mac, Chrom, Incineroar, and King K. Rool.


While Greninja's recovery is better than it used to be, his lightness plays against him as heavy-hitting opponents will send him flying effortlessly. You could say they're Greninja weaknesses, but that's only if their attacks hit. His speed and the varying range of his attacks can also be hard to get used to at first. Execution is critical. 

Be especially careful with each Greninja counter from the following list as the fighter is rather weak against these opponents: Pikachu, Young Link, Palutena, and Snake.

Greninja's return to the Super Smash Bros. roster is well worth it as he's much improved since his first appearance. His playstyle and moveset will have many opponents worried sick, and that's why he's considered well above average on many tier lists.

If you only start your Smash experience, check out our list of the best SSBU characters for beginners.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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