Fergus: Career

  • Fergus McGee
  • UYU
  • Ireland
Playing : 5+
Birthday : Dec 6, 1993 (27)
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Fergus McGee is an Irish professional fighting games player and Content Creator who represents UYU.

Known for competing mainly in Tekken 7, Fergus made notable achievements by finishing 1st place in tournaments like the ICFC EU Pre-Season Week 4, Intercalary Inferno, Button Mash 3: Battle for the Island, Coolshop GGW 2020 - FGC Events, MU Dominicon, Button Mash @ Belfast, Tekken World Tour 2018 Online EU West, and Sonic Boom V. He won 6th place at Season 1 of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Tekken 7.

Considered one of the Best Asuka players in Europe, Fergus also co-mains Julia and competes in other fighting games like Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI and Dead or Alive 6.

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