First CPT 2021 Event in North America

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First CPT 2021 Event in North America
This huge SFV tournament series makes a stop in the NA West region, bringing many powerful matches from some of the greatest players in the world

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 had an exceptional start in Japan. We got to enjoy interesting fights in Central America West. And now, another ultra-strong region invites the community to witness exciting SFV matches — yeah, CPT 2021 comes to North America.

What does that mean in practice? Oh, only that many real contenders for the ultimate victory at Capcom Cup VIII join the action! Actually, that means a lot for Street Fighter esports, and if you enjoy high-octane matches, you don't want to miss this event.

Who to keep an eye on? There are two participants who have a long story of intense battles: Samurai and Nephew. They played at CPT 2020 NA West 1, and Nephew won in the Grand Final. They played at CPT 2020 Season Final, and Nephew won again. They played many matches during the Street Fighter League Season 3, and the team of Nephew (Alpha 3) finished first, while Samurai and his teammates from NASR took third place. What will be the result this time?

Alex Myers is another solid player who has registered for CPT 2021 NA West 1. He almost won the event last year (CPT 2020 NA West 2), but Samurai was stronger that time.

It also will be interesting to follow the matches of such players as Justin Wong, Dankadillas, CeroBlast, and ChrisCCH (and many-many others). These are just examples — everyone in Top 16 and Top 8 will be super-top level talents.

CPT 2021 North America West 1 - Top 16

CPT 2021 North America West 1 - Top 8


Capcom Pro Tour North America West 1 is over, and we are ready to highlight some great moments and reveal the results.

First of all, yeah, the event was an absolute blast, with each Top 16 and Top 8 match worth watching - to learn from the best players and just to enjoy the top-level fighting games excitement. 

You’ll find quite an interesting range of SFV characters here. For example, three Dhalsim players were in the brackets, and one of them (Commander Jesse) reached the Losers Semi-Final (and eliminated Alex Myers). Another one, Dankadillas, pushed Samurai to the Losers Bracket(he switched to G later on, but that’s a different story).

Also, it was interesting to see Filipinoman playing Rose, a relatively new character in Street Fighter V, and winning the match against Luigi with her. Filipinoman took Rose for his Top 8 match as well but lost to Samurai.

Samurai played Akuma in most matches, but he also took Ryu for a while. His fights were arguably the tensest in the Top 8 part, with lots of back-and-forth situations and character changes - three of four matches finished with the 3:2 score, and one with 3:1.

Mira was one of the pleasant surprises of this CPT qualifier. Her Laura was exceptionally powerful and literally destroyed most of her opponents. The Losers Final match is especially interesting - despite Samurai's exceptional playstyle, Mira managed to defeat him and proceed to the Grand Final. But then she met Nephew again...

Nephew was just unstoppable during CPT NA West 1 - only one lost game throughout Top 16/8. He played Kolin in all matches, and it seemed like no opponent was a match for her. DashFight contacted Nephew after the event - we asked for his comments, and they will be published on our site very soon.

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 North America West 1 - Top 16 brackets

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 North America West 1 - Top 8 brackets

SFV CPT 2021 North America West 1 - Top 8 players

Street Fighter V is a great game that reached a new peak with Season 5. It has even been chosen as an esports discipline for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Does such news motivate you to practice your favorite fighting game more?

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