SFV Capcom Pro Tour - Fights in Central America

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SFV Capcom Pro Tour - Fights in Central America
We are on the threshold of an exciting Street Fighter marathon - five CPT events in May. The first one happens for the Central America West region

The series of qualifying tournaments for the upcoming Capcom Cup VIII started two weeks ago with a powerful blast - Street Fighter V matches in Japan, a traditionally super-strong region. Now, it's the turn of the Central America players to prove their power.

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Central America West 1 is planned for May 1-2. Don’t miss the fights - you might meet fresh bright talents and enjoy unusual playing styles. Matches of such guys as Kusanagi, DoomSnake, Gama, and Zeromex are definitely worth watching.

SFV Esports - CPT 2021, Central America West 1 - Top 16

SFV Esports - CPT 2021, Central America West 1 - Top 8


СPT Central America West 1 is over, and as it was expected, the event brought us many powerful matches. Players of this region are quite good at aggressive offensive style, and they use a big variety of Street Fighter V characters.

In Top 16, Kusanagi surprisingly fell into the losers bracket after the match against andyenigmaCR. His next fight against GranTODAKAI started with a lost round, but then Kusanagi changed his main, Sakura, to Kage, and managed to proceed to Top 8 - and that match was one of the best in the Top 16 part.

Gama had a confident win against Jazdero - his Cammy proved her true power from the very beginning of this tournament. Zeromex jumped into Top 8 automatically - his opponent, Ironhand, couldn’t participate in the Winners Quarter Final.

Then Gama had the same start of Top 8, an auto-win against andyenigmaCR. The “defeated” player returned to the fight in the Losers Quarter-Final against uriel velorio - and this Ken mirror match was a brilliant fighting game show.

Zeromex defeated Chontekaz, who demonstrated an exceptional style with his Abigail (the Top 16 match Chontekaz vs Hector is definitely worth watching).

Gama and Zeromex met in the Winners Final, and Gama proceeded to the Grand Final.

Zeromex played against Kusanagi in the Losers Final. That was a really tough fight! However close Zeromex and his Balrog was to victory, Kusanagi managed to win two rounds in a row and get a chance to fight for the tournament victory.

The Grand Final, Gama vs Kusanagi made everyone amazed by the abilities of Cammy (in hands of a skilled player). Gama won 3:1, and this is the second participant of Capcom Cup VIII who wins a CPT Grand Final with Cammy (the first one is Mago after Japan 1).

CPT 2021, Central America West 1 - Top 8 players

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