• Rafael Villanueva
  • Mexico

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Rafael Steven "Zeromex7" Villanueva is a Mexican fighting game player for Team Rising Heat.

Ranked 21st on the SFV Mexico National Rankings for online tournaments and 30th on Mexico's Capcom Fighters Network Ranking, he mains Balrog in Street Fighter V and is a regular at events like Master Series.

Zeromex7 competed and placed 4th at Tales of Revolution: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, 5th at CPT Online 2019 - LATAM West , 7th at Geekfest 2020, 9th at Vegas Rumble (Online Warrior Edition) 2020, 13th at Leyendas AAA Last Chance Qualifier, and 17th at Furia Tica 2019.

At Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Central America 1, Zeromex7 placed 17th in SFV singles with a 60% set win rate after losing matches against MenaRD and MxGuss.

Check out his Twitch channel here.