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Corrin Guides

Corrin is the protagonist of the second Fire Emblem game for 3DS – Fates. They are the member of royal families of both sides of the conflict – Nohr, and Hoshido. They wield the shapeshifting sword Yato. Both the male and female versions are available to be selected.Know more

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Corrin Guide

It’s totally amazing how the developers of Smash can add quite a few characters with the same weapon but make them feel so different in actual fights! Corrin has a sword and they are from the Fire Emblem series. But when you play them, you cannot copy patterns from other swordfighters and other Fire Emblem personalities.

Let’s delve into details on the characters and, first of all, on how to play Corrin in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Who’s Corrin?

When you start Fire Emblem Fates, the game asks you to create a character. Basically, it’s Corrin, but you have the power to change the name, gender, and appearance. Smash Ultimate has the default form of the character — with two variants, male or female.

In the original adventure, Corrin has a difficult choice to make. They are a prince/princess of the Hoshidan royal family, but they were raised by the royal family of Nohr. The problem arises when those lands start a war, so Corrin has to decide which side to support. Sure, the game is much more than this choice. Fire Emblem Fates is one of the best in the series, so you might be interested in enjoying it on the Nintendo 3DS.

Corrin in the Super Smash Bros. series

The first Smash game with Corrin is SSB4 (for Wii U and 3DS). They are a DLC character.

Corrin is around A-B tiers in that game. The fighter is notable for their long-reaching Forward Smash and fast attacks in general. The downsides of Corrin include their poor mobility and issues with KO at close range.

Corrin returns in the basic game of Smash Ultimate.

How to Unlock Corrin in SSBU?

To get Corrin into your roster, you need to:

  • Play the Smash mode — Corrin is 41st to appear.
  • Finish the Classic mode with Kirby or anyone he unlocks. Corrin is 6th here.
  • Find and unlock Corrin in World of Light.


Corrin has great combo potential and long-reaching attacks. And the players should emphasize these features in their gameplan. 

As a swordfighter, Corrin can effectively strike opponents from a relatively safe distance. Most of her moves are disjoints, so hitting them back is quite a task. Notice that the tip of Corrin’s weapons is significantly more damaging and causes a stronger knockback effect.

Her combos often start with DTilt — the victim is launched into the air, and Corrin can proceed with their excellent air game.

Another great feature is short startups for their moveset in general. This gives Corrin a substantial advantage against many opponents.

Mix that all in one style, and you’ll get strong zoning with lots of aerial movements and combos. 

It’s better for Corrin players to be especially attentive to the opponent’s actions. The slow speed creates additional risks for the character, and often you cannot move away. Use shield and then quick attacks. Look for any opening to launch the opponent and start the aerial game. On the ground, choose side attacks over the others.

Defensive style is also possible with Corrin. The character is good at keeping distance and then punishing opponents with quick long-reaching hits.

Best Buttons

Here is the list of the best buttons for Corrin in Smash Ultimate and short explanations of why you should rely on these moves during fights.

You might be interested in checking out our detailed explanation of Controls in SSBU.


  • Down Tilt is an excellent combo starter as it launches the victim in the air, directly above Corrin. It can be followed by Up Tilt at low percents and Up Air at high.
  • Up Tilt is a very good combo filler. Activate it when the victim is right above. You might need a short hop in some situations.
  • Forward Tilt has a strong knockback effect, and it’s an effective killing tool at high percentages. 


  • Neutral Air is fast and far-reaching; it’s the fastest aerial for Corrin. It can be used as an out-of-shield option and a follow-up after FAir.
  • Forward Air has a very good range. It’s a tool to open your opponent and start a combo (with NAir as a possible follow-up). Space it properly, and the attack will be safe on shield.
  • Back Air has a remarkable knockback effect. It’s a decent offstage killing tool. 
  • Up Air is arguably the best aerial for Corrin. You can juggle or start a combo with it. At high percentages, Up Air can become a killing tool. The attack strongly hits opponents on the back of Corrin.
  • Use Down Air to push your opponent down. This might be effective to kill your opponent, but be aware of the danger — offstage, Corrin is not able to return to safety.


  • Neutral Special, Dragon Fang Shot, is a projectile, which is very unusual for a swordfighter in Smash. But let’s not get overexcited as Corrin’s projectile is rather slow. It’s just an interesting twist to their moveset. Arguably the best usage for Neutral B is at close range where the opponent can’t react.
  • Side Special, Dragon Lunge, might be better in the air as Corrin immediately attacks with their spear, and the hit is stronger. On the ground, they make a short hop, which also is pretty useful as you can avoid projectiles and then quickly hit the opponent with the spear. When the weapon hits, you can use the directional input for various follow-ups. Move forward to attack once again — this is the best option when the spear pins the opponent. Jumping and moving back is also possible.
  • Up Special, Dragon Ascent, has good and bad features. You can angle Corrin’s recovery and direct them to the platform. But the opponents can interfere in the process at the early stages and push Corrin into the abyss.

Smash Attacks

  • Corrin uses a spear for their Forward Smash. In fact, the free arm is transformed into this weapon. The attack reaches very far. The best knockback is at the tip of the spear. It is possible to angle Corrin’s FSmash. When you charge the attack, the sword starts hitting on frame 12, and you can use this feature for defense or for destroying the opponent’s shield — come very close to it.
  • Down Smash hits both sides. Corrin directs their Dragon Fang spear backward, and it’s stronger than the sword. If you have this possibility, turn Corrin’s back to the opponent.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Advantages of Corrin are based on the range and short startups of their attacks. This might be helpful for finding an opening. And then, Corrin uses their combo potential to continue the pressure.

Also, Corrin is very good at the air game. They have good jumps and move pretty fast. Many aerial attacks easily connect to each other.

The killing power of Corrin is impressive, and some attacks can score KO even with mid-percent damage. Disjointed moves support the zoning style and defend the character in many situations.

The ground game is less powerful for Corrin. While their grounded attacks are pretty good, their movements are totally not remarkable — you should mind rather slow speed. Still, side attacks have their moments to shine. The combination of their long range and high damage might be advantageous.

However good Corrin is at jumping, their vertical recovery could be better, and you should mind that while offstage.

Corrin’s Combos

  • Down Tilt -> Up Tilt
  • Down Tilt -> Neutral Air
  • Down Tilt -> Up Air -> Up Air


  • Up Tilt -> Up Tilt
  • Up Tilt -> Up Air
  • Up Tilt -> Neutral Air


  • Neutral Air -> Up Tilt
  • Neutral Ai -> Forward Tilt
  • Neutral Ai -> Neutral Air
  • Neutral Air -> Forward Air
  • Neutral Air -> Forward Air -> Forward Air -> Up Air
  • Neutral Air -> Forward Smash
  • Neutral Air -> Side Special


  • Forward Air -> Forward Air
  • Forward Air -> Up Air
  • Forward Air -> Forward Air -> Up Air (low percentages, short hop between FAirs)
  • Forward Air -> Side Special (mid-level percentages)
  • Forward Air -> Back Air (mid-level percentages)


  • Up Air (landing) -> Up Air
  • Up Air (landing) -> Forward Air
  • Up Air (landing) -> Neutral Air

How to play against Corrin

Close-range options are strong against Corrin in Smash Ultimate. Approach her aggressively and start your pressure. Use the fastest attacks of your character.

Exploit the average speed movement of Corrin. Be quick as lightning to land hits and avoid damage.

Be very careful with air attacks against Corrin. It might be better to keep the fight mainly on the ground.

SSBU Matchups for Corrin

Here are some examples of matchups for this Smash character.

Favorable matchups for Corrin

Unfavorable matchups for Corrin

Corrin might not be one of the best SSBU characters for beginners, and still, it’s not too difficult to adapt to their moveset and start getting your Smash victories. In general, they are a solid fighter for fun matches and even for esports successes — for those who are ready to take one step further from the beginner level.