• Matt Ganshirt
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Birthday : Jan 7, 1998 (24)
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Matt Ganshirt, also known as "MattyG," is an American Super Smash Bros player who represents DAIJOUBU.

Ranked on the Ultimate New England Power Rankings and 5th on the Smash 4 New England Power Rankings, MattyG mains Chrom and Wolf in SSBU and mains Cloud in SSB4.

MattyG has teamed up with smashers like MuteAce, Sharp, Tweek, and WaDi for Smash Ultimate doubles events. However, Laid is his go-to doubles partner with the duo taking 1st place at Overclocked Ultimate, Push The Limit 4, and Final Warning: TMPR Birthday Bash.

MattyG also competed in ssbu singles and placed 1st at Push The Limit, 3rd at Overclocked Ultimate III, 13th at Frostbite 2020, 17th at Pound 2019, 33rd at The Big House 9, 49th at Shine 2019, 65th at Genesis 6 & Let's Make Big Moves, and 129th at Super Smash Con 2019.

MattyG has an overall set count of 72% but has also been disqualified from matches at CEO Dreamland 2020, Overclocked Ultimate IV, PCG Battledome III, and The Box.

He was accused of having a relationship with fellow smasher CaptainZack when he was a minor in July 2020.

Take a peek at MattyG's matches on the VGBootCamp channel here.