Umehara and Tokido Chase Nemo at SFL Pro-JP Week 6

Nov 02 20202 min
Umehara and Tokido Chase Nemo at SFL Pro-JP Week 6
Pic Source: Capcom Fighters YouTube Channel
The team of Daigo is chasing Nemo Aurora for the leadership, side by side with Tokido Flame

Street Fighter League in Japan is a special show - we can witness fights of top players and learn their super tricks. On October 30, six teams from this region played matches of Week 6. It’s the first section in the second half of this tournament.

Each match contains three games, where different players face each other. Victories in the first two bring 1 point each. Victory in the third one gives two points.

In this section, we saw three matches:

Umehara Gold (Daigo, Machabo, Nauman) vs Momochi Splash (Momochi, Fujimura, Johnny)

  • Nauman (Laura) defeated Momochi (Kolin) - 2:1 - 1 point for Umehara Gold 
  • Johnny (Karin) defeated Machabo (Necalli) - 2:0 - 1 point for Momochi Splash
  • Daigo (Guile) defeated Fujimura (Chun-LI) - 2:0 - 2 points for Umehara Gold

Mago Scarlet (MagoMokeMizuha) vs Tokido Flame (Tokido, Itabashi Zangief, Ryusei)

  • Moke (Rashid) defeats Ryuusei (Urien) - 2:0 - 1 point for Mago Scarlet

  • Tokido (Urien) defeats Mizuha (Zeku) - 2:1 - 1 point for Tokido Flame

  • Itabashi Zangief (Abigail) defeats Mago (Cammy) - 2:0 - 2 points for Tokido Flame

Nemo Aurora (NemoSakoGachikun) vs. Fuudo Gaia (Fuudo, Dogura, Pugera,)

  • Fuudo (Birdie) defeats Sako (Seth) - 2:0 - 1 point for Fuudo Gaia
  • Nemo (Gill) defeats Dogura (M. Bison) - 2:0 - 1 point for Nemo Aurora
  • Gachikun (Rashid) defeats Pugera (Poison, Seth) - 2:0 - 2 points for Nemo Aurora

Watch these fights on video!

Street Fighter League Pro-JP Week 6

Umehara Gold and Tokido Flame are 2nd and 3rd with the same number of points. Nemo Aurora is still a leader, but the competitors are really close.

Three teams with the most points will proceed to the Grand Finals. And then two of them will play against the best teams from Street Fighter League Pro-US.



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