Street Fighter 5: Guile Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Guile Guide - Combos and Move List

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Put his military experience to good use and achieve many victories!

Guile is such a great fighting character. Even if he is not as huge as Zangief and can’t surprise everyone with mystic powers as Dhalsim, Guile Street Fighter has a perfect personality for this genre. He is a mighty military guy from the United States Air Force. Just look at him and you’ll definitely get the impression that this dude knows a thing or two about fighting.

In this SFV Guile guide, we explain his abilities and describe his motivation to fight.

Air Slasher - Guile Street Fighter 5

Let’s start the article with the most important thing! Have you seen the hairstyle of Guile? Awesome! He could be friends with Paul from Tekken 7...

A long time ago, Guile had a friend, Charlie. But then, this guy disappeared and everyone considered him dead. Charlie got a secret mission to investigate the evil activity of Shadaloo and its leader M. Bison. It seemed like Bison killed the guy, and Guile couldn’t accept this. His heart was full of anger and he searched for revenge. This desire brought him to the World Warrior tournament in the game Street Fighter II - the first one in the series that had Guile in the roster. Our hero almost killed M. Bison, but his wife and daughter calmed him down.

Then, the fighting games community met Guile in the console version of Street Fighter Alpha 3. He wasn’t really important in the story, but the story of this sub-series was important for him. it turned out that Charlie Nash really was killed, but this doesn’t mean he is dead. The Secret Society returned him to life.

In Street Fighter EX, Guile continues hunting Shadaloo. Players discover that his wife is the sister of Ken

Guile tries to search for Charlie in Street Fighter IV but his primary mission here is to check out the organization S.I.N and its connection to Shadaloo. He manages to defeat Seth, the main antagonist.

Street Fighter V got this guy with Season 1 and he is included in SF5: Arcade Edition. Check out what happens to him in the General and Character Story. Will Guile be able to recognize reborn Nash as his long-missed friend?

Street Fighter 5 Guile guide

This fighter is pretty balanced, so you can see many professional players choose him for esports matches. Guile is known for an advantage in defense and the necessity to perform moves and attacks at specific moments. Timing is quite significant for this guy, and you need some basic experience to play Guile effectively.

Throughout his career in the Street Fighter series, Guile uses two special moves - Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. In Street Fighter V, the move set of this character has changed, so keep this in mind if you played him before.

Basic attacks - Guile move list

  • Light Punch - in standing and crouching positions, Guile makes a quick hit with his left hand. The attack has a decent range. Jumping Light Punch is directed downwards.
  • Medium Punch is an unusual hit with the whole body - Guile kind of turns on a spot. Crouching Medium Punch is very similar to the Light one, but the fighter uses the right hand, so the attack is stronger. Jumping Medium Punch is directed straight, so it’s an air-to-air hit.
  • Heavy Punch is similar to uppercut with the left hand but has a small swing. Crouching Heavy Punch is a very good anti-air attack. In Jumping Heavy Punch, Guile uses the right hand, and this attack is very powerful.
  • Light Kick has a very good range from the standing position. Crouching Light Kick is a quick low hit. It can start Guile combos Street Fighter 5 if it’s followed by Light Punch and Light Kicks. Jumping Light Kick is a knee hit.
  • Medium Kick covers a big distance from any position. Standing Medium Punch is a good anti-air attack - Guile hits with his straight leg upwards. Crouching Medium Kick hits very low. Jumping Medium Kick is an air-to-air attack.
  • Heavy Kick is a solid attack for a middle-range fight. From the crouching position, Guile hits twice. Jumping Heavy Kick is directed downwards and hits effectively on a big range.

Throws - Street Fighter Guile moves

  • Dragon Suplex - while standing near an opponent, press Light Punch and Kick. This throw can be performed from the neutral position or with pressing forward.
  • Judo Throw - while standing near an opponent, press backward with Light Punch and Kick. 
  • Flying Mare - perform Dragon Suplex near an opponent in the air.
  • Flying Buster Chop - perform Judo Throw near an opponent in the air.

Unique attacks - basic Guile combos

  • Guile High Kick - press diagonally forward and down with Heavy Kick.
  • Knee Bazooka - press backward or forward with Light Kick.
  • Rolling Sobat - press backward or forward with Medium Kick.
  • Spinning Back Knuckle - press forward with Medium Punch.
  • Reverse Spin Kick - press forward with Medium Kick.
  • Burn Straight - press backward and Heavy Punch.
  • Full Bullet Magnum - press forward and Medium Punch.
  • Tall Edge - press down with Light Kick and then Medium Punch.
  • Bullet Revolver - perform Tall Edge and then press forward and Heavy Punch.
  • Swing Out - press Medium Punch and then forward with Medium Punch.
  • Drake Fang - press down with Medium Kick and then forward with Medium Punch.
  • Thrust Combination - press Light Kick and then Medium Kick.
  • Faultless Move - press diagonally forward and down.

Special moves of Guile SFV

  • Sonic Boom - press backward/forward with any Punch.
  • Somersault Kick - press down/up with any Kick.
  • Sonic Cross - press Medium Punch/Kick and then perform Guile Sonic Boom.
  • Sonic Break - Press Heavy Punch/Kick from the Neutral position or while pressing back or forward.

V-System - Street Fighter 5 Guile

  • V-Skill I - Sonic Blade. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Skill II - Dive Sonic. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Solid Puncher. Press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger II - Knife Edge. Press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Reversal - Reverse Back Knuckle. While guarding, press forward and three Punches.

Critical Art of Guile SFV

  • Sonic Hurricane - press backward/forward twice and any Punch.
  • Sonic Tempest - perform Sonic Hurricane with V-Trigger.

This character is not the easiest one but time invested in practicing Guile moves will be rewarded in many Street Fighter 5 game modes. Eventually, you can get a good online rank with this guy!

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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