Tekken 7: Paul Guide, Combos and Move List

Ilya Kravtsov
Aug 27 20203 min
Tekken 7: Paul Guide, Combos and Move List
Here you can discover information about Paul's good hits

Paul is one of the most popular characters in Tekken 7. Also, he is one of the most recognizable fighters in the Tekken universe.

He is extremely strong at medium to short range. The chances of defeating him relatively rise only at a short distance. Paul also has homing attacks in his arsenal, which allow him to "catch" opponents trying to dodge the fight. So Paul must be played against boldly and decisively.

Paul's most famous combo is the Death Fist. It is one of Paul's strongest moves and is familiar to so many Tekken 7 players, no matter if they play for Paul or against him.

This attack is one of the most powerful among all Paul combos Tekken 7, but still very risky.

The Death Fist is performed by doing a quarter circle motion and pressing 2, the triangle button on PS4, and "Y" button on Xbox. This move provides a far-reaching mid attack that cranks out massive damage on your enemy. But given its unsafe nature how do we use it efficiently. Using some of Paul's other powerful neutral tools than backing away from your opponent will make them want to react to your style. This is where the Death Fist becomes deadly. As they whiff their counter-attack you can time the Death Fist to punish their attempted offense.

How to use Paul’s Death Fist correctly, you can see here:

by perfect_god_fist Official Gaming

Combos for Paul:

Paul staple combos:

by legendaryMihawk

Here are Paul’s bnb-combo formulas via some pro-player from Reddit. You can check our guide about controls before trying it.

  • == df2_lp_ch qcb4_qcb1+2_FC df1+2
  • df1~b4 s! 
  • 32 b12 s! qcf2 _ d421 

 Other launchers

  •  uf34_ws2 b12 s! qcf2 _ d421
  •  ff4 ws32 s! qcf2 _ d421
  •  ub2(ch) ws32 s! DF

Near wall

  •  Deathfist wall splats. Deathfist into Death fist on a wall is 98 damage.
  •  Demo man wallsplats.
  •  qcb2 - Fast wall splat at i15.
  •  ff2:1 - less risk mid.
  •  ub2 - Strictly safe mid.

W! (Wallsplat combos from Paul Tekken 7)

  •  d+1,4,2 - Easiest/Fastest
  •  ss3 - No risk.
  •  32 d1+2 - vs most of cast or df11 d1+2 - vs smaller characters


  •  i10 - 1,2
  •  i12 - d+1+2, b+1,2
  •  i14 - b+3
  •  i15 d/f+2, u/f+4, u/f+3,4

While Standing Punishment

  •  i10- FC d1
  •  i11 - ws4
  •  i13 - ws32 i13 -9
  •  i15 - uf4, uf+34
  •  i16 - ws2

And here is a full list of Paul's combos.

We hope, that you enjoyed our Tekken 7 Paul guide.

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