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Street Fighter League Pro-JP: Seven and a Half Rounds of the Tourney

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Street Fighter League Pro-JP: Seven and a Half Rounds of the Tourney
Pic Source: sf.esports.capcom.com
Do you follow the team matches of the best Japanese players in the SFV world?

Everyone who is just a little bit familiar with Street Fighter esports knows how special the Japanese scene is. Yep, the game is by a Japanese company, and the fighting genre is kind of a cultural phenomenon in this country. As a result, we totally expect to witness mind-blowing matches and breathtaking style when Japanese SFV titans come to play.

Japan has four (!) CPT qualifying events this year, and each of them draws significant attention. You know, it’s a great opportunity to see such Legends as Daigo fighting their way to the Capcom Cup.

The might of this region is only one reason why Street Fighter League Pro-JP is worthy of your attention. The format of the competition is another one. Fighting esports in general is mostly about 1v1 matches. You can witness 2v2 fights in such games as Smash or Brawlhalla. Team matches in Street FIghter? That’s definitely something interesting!

Street Fighter League has two divisions. One is Pro-US, which actually features strong players from all over the world. The other is Pro-JP. It seems like this moment is great to highlight the results of this huge tournament — to inform you guys on the current results and to invite you to enjoy the remaining matches (with tension and excitement intensifying). 

The League continues for 14 Rounds: two days in each round and two team matches each day. Right now, the players are almost in the middle — the second half of Round 7 is planned for November 8.

So, what’s the situation now? Who’s winning?

First, let’s check out who’s playing

Eight teams competing in Street Fighter League Pro-JP:

  • V6 Plus FAV Rohto Z!: Sako, Ryusei, Tokido, Bonchan

  • Good 8 Squad: Gachikun, Kawano, Pugera, Kichipa-mu
  • Saishunkan Sol: Nemo, Shuto, Nishikin, Yanai
  • Comufa DetonatioN: Itazan, Nauman, John Takeuchi, Tachikawa

  • Shinobism Gaming: Momochi, Fujimura, Higuchi, Otani
  • Mildom Beast: Daigo, Fuudo, YHC-Mochi, Moruto
  • GyoGun: Mago, Machabo, Moke, Mizuha
  • Nagoya Oja Body Star: MOV, Dogura, Akira, Oniki

The League format has changed since last year — no character bans this time.

Each team match consists of three matches of different players. The first two are of the First-to-2 format, and they bring 1 point. The third matches are of the First-to-3 format, and they bring 2 points.

The team Good 8 Squad is the leader of the League after 7 and a half rounds. Gachikun and co. got 22 points.

Street Fighter League Pro-JP | Results after Round 7, Day 1

Of course, bare numbers are not that interesting. Let’s take a look at the most recent matches of all the teams!

Street Fighter League Pro-JP | Round 7, Day 1

Street Fighter League Pro-JP | Round 6, Day 2

Street Fighter League Pro-JP | Round 6, Day 1

However great these matches are, watching them all is a luxury available not for everyone (so many hours of streams). DashFight is here with a solution — we’ll inform you on the results and remind you of the approaching Play-Offs and Grand Finals.

And let’s not forget about Street Fighter League Pro-US! Man, that’s even more hours of an amazing fighting esports show!

Meanwhile, other tournaments happen around the world. For example, Kumite in Tennessee crowned 13 champions in 12 games, including Street Fighter.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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