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DBFZ at Juicy Monthly June: Androids vs Humans (and a God)

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DBFZ at Juicy Monthly June: Androids vs Humans (and a God)
Pic Source JuicyGameNight on Twitch
The competitive community is in a sort of hibernation before the World Tour start, but we still have some interesting offline tournaments

Juicy Monthly is an exciting event for the FGC. It’s an offline gathering that regularly demonstrates the power of local competition. Do you have something like this in your region?

As for Dragon Ball FighterZ, the tournament in June was kind of the last step before Evo 2023. The previous relatively big event for the game was Defend the North 2023. It’s interesting to see how the community has adapted to the environment of Patch 1.32 (and probably compare team building at Juicy Monthly June 2023 with the DBFZ pre-Evo tier list by Zane).

DBFZ at Juicy Monthly June | Stream

Awkward.Plug selected a bit different team this time (in comparison to the pre-patch tournament in April) — Android 17 replaced Blue Gogeta on Point. The player won his Winners Semi-Final against Joe Rod, 2:0.

GumByte played quite an unusual team, having Beerus on Point and, one of the most challenging characters in DBFZ, Master Roshi on Anchor. And he enjoyed the same clear victory vs SSJ_Phil95.

The Winners Final was the first clash of Androids versus the humans-and-a-God team. Awkward.Plug won this battle and sent GumByte to the Losers.

To get a spot in the Grand Final, GumByte defeated JackPC (with an all-Saiyan team). 

DBFZ at Juicy Monthly June | Stream, Grand Final

GumByte got a pretty confident win in the first Grand Final match — to reset the brackets.

In the decisive fight, the Android returned to their true might, and Awkward.Plug celebrated the victory.

Awkward.Plug is the DBFZ Champion at Juicy Monthly June 2023. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Juicy Monthly June

5. SSJ_Phil95

5. Tundrus

4. Joe Rod

3. JackPC

2. GumByte

1. Awkward.Plug

Patch 1.32 is still not the final build for DBFZ — we are waiting for an additional update that should address the community’s feedback (it is unclear when this will happen). Some changes will probably remain in the game, such as the decreased cooldown for C Assists. Recently, we published our list of the Best C Assists in DBFZ (after Patch 1.32). Have you seen it? Still, only one player used C at Juicy Monthly June — SSJ_Phil95 for Cell. Perhaps they are still underperforming for the competitive scene.

Evo 2023 is going to be a great event for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as it’s the start of the newest (and potentially last) World Tour. Some players participated in the PlayStation series Road to Evo to get a pre-paid trip to this tournament. We will cover all things Evo on DashFight — so, stay tuned!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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