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Top 10 DBFZ C Assists (after Patch 1.32)

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Top 10 DBFZ C Assists (after Patch 1.32)
The cooldown is not that slow. Can C Assists power up your team?

Introduction of extra Assists (back then) was a great step for Dragon Ball FighterZ — now, we have an even better choice of supportive attacks to expand the abilities of our teams. 

C Assists are generally the most powerful ones and could be really helpful. But their cooldown was … not very suitable for competitive fights. You sure want your assists to be ready as soon as possible. 

The DBFZ patch 1.32 addressed this issue. The cooldown is reduced now, making C Assists more appealing for the players. 

Time is needed to see how this change will actually affect the esports scene. But maybe we could pick up some of those C Assists even now — for more casual, “out-of-tournament” matches.

Sure, I’m well aware that a C Assist is not the ultimate reason to choose a character for your team. But who knows, maybe this list of the best C Assists in DBFZ may motivate you to change the assists set for your existing team or even to try out someone new.

Top 10 C Assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Jiren — Flash Fist

Let’s start with a single-hitting beam assist. Jiren’s Flash Fist has a pretty quick startup and brings 5S properties to the table. This means it goes through ki blasts, so if you react to them, you have a chance to open up your opponent and start a combo. Hit confirm is natural with this C Assist.

The blockstun is not impressive, though. It’s only 25 frames. It would be more effective to consider Flash Fist an additional tool in your neutral moveset.

Freiza — Psychokinesis

Frieza throws a bunch of rocks at your opponent. Psychokinesis recreates 5H, having the same properties, such as hitting across the whole screen and being rather quick, with only 20 frames of startup. 

A great thing about this assist is that it’s an effective neutral tool, as if you have an additional Heavy hit, which is both projectile and a full-screen attack (with an extra hit, don’t forget that!) Be careful — Psychokinesis does not clash with beams.

Zamasu — Divine Authority 

It’s a surprisingly good-tracking assist with a big hitbox. In addition to that, Divine Authority has head invulnerability and goes through projectiles. The startup is 28, which is pretty quick.

The tracking feature works well and makes Zamasu’s C Assists rather annoying for the opponents

Super Saiyan Vegeta — Crushing Knee Kick

Do you like Dragon Punches in fighting games? SSJ Vegeta was nicely buffed for the ultimate build, and he finally becomes a better character, suitable for various levels of play. His C Assist certainly is more interesting thanks to this. 

Crushing Knee Kick includes teleporting straight to an opponent and landing a mighty Dragon Punch. The startup is not impressive as it’s 40 frames, but full invincibility comes on frame 36 — and this is literally great. The teleport happens on frame 22.

You should be aware of the danger. If an opponent hits your active character, the assist doesn’t work. That’s why Crushing Knee Kick is the best as a combo extension. The victim gets sent back for you to continue beating them up.. 

Android 21 — Snack Time

Are you surprised to see the Majin version here instead of her Lab Coat form? In terms of C Assist, Snack Time is somewhat better. — as a blockstun assist. If an opponent blocks Snack Time, you have 55 frames to continue your pressure or effectively mix-up them.

The hitstun of this C Assist is also good. It’s not as mind-blowing as Base Vegeta’s Dirty Fireworks, which has around 120 frames of hitstun. But 21 still is doing a really good job of giving you some extra space for combo hits and movements. It might be a good idea to use Snack Time to finish your Dragon Rush and continue the gapless action.

Beerus — God of Destruction's Wrath

God of Destruction absolutely must have the most awesome tools — you know, to destroy all those impudent opponents. 

Beerus’ C Assist has a very good range and gets an armor (invincibility) on frame 31, after the teleport. The energy blast covers the whole screen, so it’s hard to miss with this assist.

Arguably the best usage of God of Destruction's Wrath is the neutral game. The blockstun and startup are average.

Adult Gohan — Masenko

In the Dragon Ball anime, Masenko is kind of an alternative to Kamehameha, and it keeps this status in DBFZ. When Adult Gohan does this, he becomes quite a threat. As C Assist, Masenko is a multi-hitting beam. If it lands, Gohan tracks the victim and sends them back to the ground. Will your active character be able to be there and meet them with a decent hit and combo continuation?

As a beam assist, Gohan’s Masenko sure has some competitors. For instance, Gotenks’ Vengeful Shout works in relatively the same way. And Cooler’s Death Crasher is also of that multi-hitting beam type with an auto-confirm. The choice here depends mostly on your character preferences.

We’ve added Adult Gohan to this list thanks to his amazing qualities as an Anchor character. With patch 1.32, he is even better.

Hit — Time Release

With Hit’s assist, you can pretty much safely track your opponent — regardless of where they are on the screen. The assassin reaches his victim and then drags them down to the ground for you to continue fighting. 

If the assist is blocked, Hit attacks only twice, having a decent blockstun (32 frames). If Time Release lands, there will be three hits.

It has downsides, sure. Some moves can stop Hit — if they have assist/projectile invincibility. The startup is 50 frames, and that’s not a short one.

Let’s also mention a decent alternative to Time Release. Majin Buu’s Cartwheel is of the same category of assists with good air-tracking properties. But it has a substantial advantage — a bigger hitbox, which might be pretty important for beginners to the game. Otherwise, Hit is high in general tier lists, so he certainly deserves his place here.

Broly — Lariat Express

The name of this assist perfectly reflects what happens on the screen. Z Broly becomes an unstoppable Express and crushes your opponent with a mighty Lariat. The move has the armor property. When Broly lands the hit, he teleports behind the victim to seal the deal.

In a way, this one is very similar to beam assists, bringing their positive aspects to your matches. But Broly uses his body instead of an energy beam. The speed is great, the horizontal tracking works really well, the range is devastating (for opponents), and real beams do not stop Broly.

It is quite easy to use Lariat Express in neutral, so pay proper attention to it if you enjoy the rushdown fighting style and the marvelous strength of the DBFZ bully.

Android 17 — Accel Driver

It’s a blockstun assist that gives you something extra — an anti-air property of the first hit. If the opponent is on the ground, the tracking feature works well. The Assist is multi-hitting, and it leaves the victim with a significant hitstun, 55 frames.

The startup is not the shortest one (but it’s ok for a C Assist). The damage level is just alright. But the biggest downside of Accel Driver is pretty much general for every C Assist in this list — picking A or B for the same character might be beneficial. Android 17 has a Barrier, and you sure should consider it. But you know, it’s not about what is generally better; it’s rather about what's good for your personal fighting style. Does multi-hitting Accel Driver help you step above and beyond with your mixup game? Then go for it!

Here it is — our list of the best C Assists in DBFZ, with no particular order. So, why not give them a try?

Dragon Ball FIghterZ sure is a combo-heavy game. To succeed here, you sure have to step beyond just auto-combo mashing. For some assistance on this path, check out this guide on The Simplest DBFZ Combo.

And stay tuned for DashFight for other DBFZ and fighting games related info.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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