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DBFZ at Defend The North 2023: Evil Forces Win

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DBFZ at Defend The North 2023: Evil Forces Win
He sure is not real Goku, but he delivers top-level fights nevertheless!

One great thing about DBFZ esports is that the scene delivers a kind of regular rotation of top players — and we enjoy new names and fighting styles. This happens for various reasons. Now, the whole FGC is (almost) obsessed with Street Fighter 6, while Dragon Ball FighterZ obviously enjoys its later lifespan stage — many move to new games.

For instance, Nitro, who “defeated the North” in 2022, skipped this year’s tournament. Yep, Defend the North 2023 fell out of the main schedule — Evo 2023 happens only in three weeks, so the World Tour has not started yet. Still, we could witness some pretty awesome fights and see some fresh names in the Top 8 part.

DBFZ at Defend The North 2023 | Stream, Top 8

In the Winners Semi-Finals, two players totally destroyed their opponents. Axeice did that to Calamari (with a happy birthday and a Perfect). LegendaryyPred defeated Alvinfly.

The Winners Final started very promising for Axeice — he won two games in a row. But then LegendaryyPred went to the match settings and turned on 2 frames of input delay. That changed the situation drastically — three victorious games in a row, and LegendaryyPred proceeded to the Grand Final through the Winners side.

Axeice had no other choice but to win the Losers Final against Jefongg — he delivered another happy birthday and an amazing clutch with Goku Black (that evil one, who is not real Goku).

DBFZ at Defend The North 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

In this match, Axeice did not let LegendaryyPred unleash his full potential (of course, Pred plays Teen Gohan who can’t do that trick). Axeice reset the bracket and then won the decisive match with a clear 3:0.

Axeice is the DBFZ Champion at Defend The North 2023. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Defend The North 2023 

7. Amanto

7. Dragongod

5. TreeMan

5. Calamari

4. Alvinfly

3. Jefongg

2. LegendaryyPred

1. Axeice

Top Moments

Happy birthday by Axeice.

A Perfect game.

Teen Gohan beats Adult Gohan.

LegendaryyPred clutches.

A Perfect by Jefongg.

Happy Birthday by Axeice.

A clutch with Goku Black.

Is this a fair 3v3 fight if Ginyu keeps bringing his whole crew with their cool abilities?

Evo 2023 sure brings extra energy into the fighting esports competition. PlayStation even organized a special tournament with a ticket to Evo as the first prize — and Road to Evo 2023 had its DBFZ dimension.

Still, the fight goes on even with no direct connection to Evo. A while ago, we could enjoy awesome DBFZ matches in Australia, at the event BAM 2023. And NA pro players tested the newest balance patched at the CEO 2023.

To be in the whirl of everything significant on the DBFZ scene, stay tuned to DashFight.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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