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DBFZ at Juicy Monthly April: The Perfect Form

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DBFZ at Juicy Monthly April: The Perfect Form
Show that annoying girl who’s really the best Android ever!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the games at regular offline gatherings Juicy Monthly, and we at DashFight enjoy writing about these tournaments. In fact, every chance to watch competitive matches is super helpful for your personal playing skills. You see some tricks with various characters, explore possible team compositions, and just feel the pace of the fights — to know how to get better. 

Sometimes, matches of not-that-super-top level are even better for educational purposes. Seeing reasonable steps for your growth in the game is as important as aiming at developing the highest skills.

Anyways, back to the DBFZ tournament at Juicy Monthly April 2023would you like to watch a match or two?

DBFZ at Juicy Monthly April | Stream

Perfección and Awkward.Plug reached the Winners Final through the parallel brackets. The team composition of these players is pretty interesting.

Awkward.Plug plays both forms of Android 21 + Blue Gogeta. (Another player in the tournament has the same duo but on different positions — Kuro_T_G places Lab Coat to Mid while Awkward.Plug prefers her on Anchor).

Perfección has the duo of Fusions and the most perfect Android of them all, Cell. Vegito is Anchor, and Cell is Mid. What do you think, does this team cover risks of playing Blue Gogeta?

The Winners Final was very close. Perfección reached the match point in game 4 and almost performed a clutch with Cell. But Awkward.Plug won that game and then the next one — to proceed to the Grand Final.

Perfección defeated Diablo in the Losers Final and made it to more fights against Awkward.Plug.

DBFZ at Juicy Monthly April | Stream, Grand Final

The first Grand Final match was kind of a reflection of the previous fight of these players — but with a different result. Perfección won the decisive game and reset the bracket.

In the Grand Final Reset, Cell stopped playing games (at least it felt like that). Perfección confidently won three games in a row.

Perfección is the DBFZ Winner at Juicy Monthly April 2023. Congratulations?

DBFZ Teams at Juicy Monthly April

5. Akron

4. Kuro_T_G

3. Diablo

2. Awkward.Plug

1. Perfección

In March 2023, it was Krillin who shined bright at the DBFZ Juicy Monthly tourney — ok, it was Drac actually, but we want to highlight how cool Krillin is in a team with Blue Gogeta and Lab Coat.

We hope to see the participants of this series playing well at the upcoming DBFZ World Tour and such big events as Combo Breaker 2023.

Another interesting Dragon Ball FighterZ competition you may want to pay attention to (to have fun and potentially learn something) is Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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