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DBFZ at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9

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DBFZ at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9
Pic Source: Gamer's Guild CT on YouTube
This interesting offline event highlights one of many local esports competitions

Fighting esports has many dimensions. Sure, it’s so cool to witness the max level of top-most tournaments, such as the recent DBFZ World Tour Global Finals or upcoming Combo Breaker 2022. But the community’s life does not stop in between such events. And the competition is not limited to specific locations.

It’s great to see that Dragon Ball FighterZ has its esports presence at many regular online tourneys (such as FighterZ Duel Academy, for example). And we absolutely love seeing people gathering to play DBFZ at locals — offline tournaments have a special atmosphere. 

One of such gatherings happens regularly in Connecticut. It’s Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly, and we would like to write about it on DashFight. Even if you are not planning to attend the event, you totally can enjoy the steam and learn some cool tricks for your personal DBFZ experience.

DBFZ at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9 | Stream

The whole tournament was pretty successful for Vapors. The player did not lose a game during the run to the Grand Final. Is this a power of team composition? While it’s not surprising to see the duo of Fusions in Vapors’ team, the choice of Anchor is not that common — among top players, we can remember Kayne playing Tien (for instance, at BBB 2023).

In the Semi-Final, Vapors defeated Milkman (Cell on Point, so there were some roars in intros). The opponent in the Winners Final was TasTheTyrant, who played Gotenks, a rare participant in pro tourneys after the latest patch. These players fought in the Losers Final, and Milkman proceeded to the Grand Final.

DBFZ at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9 | Stream, Grand Final

In the Grand Final, Milkman won game 1, but then, Vapors got victory in three games in a row, without losing a character.

Vapors is the Winner of Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9

We regularly make a section with DBFZ teams in our posts about esports events. It might be helpful to see who people are playing now and probably get some ideas for your team composition. But if you feel inspired to go deeper into this topic, please, check out a video that explains details — Team Building in DBFZ: Deep Dive.

But still, let’s list the teams at Gamer's Guild FGC Monthly 9

5. Bunker Pyro

4. KillxPhenom

3. TasTheTyrant

2. Milkman

1. Vapors

If you also join DBFZ esports tournaments, you might need to boost your character mastery. DashFight has published quite a few pro guides. For example, learn how to play Android 21 Lab Coat from LegendsryyPred or Blue Gogeta from Kite.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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