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DBFZ at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023

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DBFZ at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023
Some of the strongest DBFZ players in the world gathered to wish Bum Happy Birthday and play at a top tournament

The level of positivity in the fighting games community is just amazing. We all can feel that at such events as Bum's Birthday Bash 2023 — people have fun playing games and create a wonderful atmosphere. Sure enough, the competition here is still tough. Everyone is a friend, but they certainly kick your [that part] if you let them.

From a bare competitive perspective, Bum's Birthday Bashes are close-to-perfect esports tournaments. They combine a kind of relaxing approach, where players feel the freedom to risk and experiment (it’s not the World Tour Finals, you know), and the presence of the top-level participants. 

The 2023’s party featured well-known players from the US, France, and Japan. Let’s enjoy the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament in its full beauty and power!

DBFZ at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023 | Top 8

The first Winners Semi-Final, Yasha vs Hikari, was absolutely special. It was a mirror match, and both chose the team of Fusions + Android 17 — so, Hikari played Yasha’s team against Yasha and won, 2:1.

The second Semi-Final was also a match between EU and US — Kayne vs LegendaryyPred. This time, a European guy made it to the Final. LegendaryyPred won game 1, but eventually, it was Kayne who celebrated the victory.

For the Winners Final, Kayne took quite an unusual team — you don’t see Blue Vegeta too often in top DBFZ esports. That helped the player at the beginning, as Kayne won game 1 without losing a character. But then, Hikari struck back, and even switching to his more traditional team did not save Kayne from falling to the Losers bracket.

In the Elimination Final, Kayne played against INZEM — and the fight reached the last, decisive game. Kayne won and proceeded to the Grand Final.

DBFZ at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

The first match between Hikari and Kayne was somewhat opposite of their Winners Final — first, Hikari won game 1 but then Kayne unleashed his power and reset the bracket.

In the Grand Final Reset, Hikari won two first games, and Kayne needed to do the same for a chance for victory. And he did so! In the decisive game, Kayne remained with Tien only and was up to a clutch. He even destroyed Vegito. But Hikari had his own plan and destroyed Tien with his 17 and Blue Gogeta

Hikari is the DBFZ Champion at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Bum's Birthday Bash 2023

7. Oblivion

7. Zane


5. Yasha

4. LegendaryyPred


2. Kayne

1. Hikari

The current period is pretty interesting for Dragon Ball FighterZ. We are in between two World Tours with specific uncertainty about the upcoming balance patch. Pro players reached amazing levels of mastery — and they certainly demonstrate them at many community events (such as FighterZ Duel Academy).

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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