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Birthday : Apr 13, 2003 (19)
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Moxi is a professional Super Smash Bros. player from Washington, USA. Currently signed with IlluZion Gaming, she is often referred to as a prodigy in the Smash community because, despite her age, she already has shown herself to be one of the best Smash Bros. players.

Moxi started participating in tournaments at the age of 14 and immediately started showing good results, earning high placements, and beating top contenders. 

Ranked 1st in Washington Ultimate Power Rankings and 33rd in Fall 2019 PGRU, some of her best performances include winning Ascension VI, LAN King Smash Royale XI, and VORTEX 2019.

Moxi has also competed in SSBU singles and ranked 2nd at The Pinnacle 2019, 3rd at Play With Heart, 17th at EVO 2019, and 25th at Collision Online. She often partners up with smashers like Stroder to play doubles.