Halfway Through Smash Bowl MMXXI's Stage 2 Results & Highlights

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Halfway Through Smash Bowl MMXXI's Stage 2 Results & Highlights
Images courtesy of Gridiron Gaming
Big names all around and afew giants have fallen. the field is narrowing down now!

Starting the year was Smash Bowl MMXXI with their second stage of the event. This past two weeks, we say stage two bring two new rulesets for the event, Super Smashdown, a rapid set of rules that can quickly end a match as knockback is kicked up to eleven; and Sami Singles, an alternative melee format thought up by Druggedfox that is single stock, time-limited and all in Yoshi Story Stage-based. If you have any questions about the whole event's format, you can read over our summary of it here. The first-half players were:

Group B1:

Group B2:



A brutal Slice gives Sparg0 the win
Ned cleans Sparg0 out with Bulbasaur
The present to decide it all
0.8hp clutching
Nearly countered
The rare piranha plant win

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