Smash World Tour: North America North West Results, Highlights & More

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Smash World Tour: North America North West Results, Highlights & More
Images courtesy of Smash World Tour
Only a few more weeks of Qualifiers left, and closing the closing for the Was was this weekend!

The second half of the West Coast went down this past weekend, thus closing the competition for that side of North America. The winners will join the other eight players from the West South Qualifiers last week in the regionals. 

SWT North America North West Qualifiers Results

As a result of the regional format, only the best eight players from the qualifiers will be moving into the regionals later this year, with six of them coming from the open double-elimination bracket and the rest being the top two players in the Last Chance Qualifier bracket for those players that were knocked out just in the initial Open Qualifiers

Open Qualifier:

Last Chance Qualifier:

SWT North America North West Qualifiers Highlights

Exodia secures a spot
Middy Clutches a win
Big D ice climbers on another level
Middy slips and losses a stock

What is next?

Things will move east now to complete qualifiers, after which a short break in the action will give us time to get ready for the Regionals! You can catch the event live at VGBootCamp's Twitch channel or see the results, highlights, and more here on DashFight. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our special Discord server to meet other players from the fighting games community. Let us know your opinion about this on our Forum