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PlayStation Fight Nights: DBFZ Invitational

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PlayStation Fight Nights: DBFZ Invitational
Pic Source: PlayStation on YouTube
Great esports show from top online players

It’s almost a festive season, and big esports competitions take a short pause — like the DBFZ World Tour that had its last Power Event in Japan. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have exciting matches to watch (in between our own playing sessions). What about some cool Dragon Ball FighterZ matches from masters of online play? PlayStation Tournaments brought us such an opportunity — an interesting online invitational.

This tourney features the best players from the DBFZ Fight Night series. Why not grab some snacks and enjoy the show?

PlayStation Fight Nights: DBFZ Invitational | Stream

Dany and Giganton had their first fight in the Winners Quarter Final. Dany kicked the opponent into the Losers, but that was not the last time these players faced each other at the tournament.

Dany had two more confident victories: against Toxic Devilish in the Semi and Randyrp in the Winners Finals. 

Giganton had a bit longer path, but with the same result — the player proceeded to the Grand Final through the Losers side.

PlayStation Fight Nights: DBFZ Invitational | Stream, Grand Final

Dany started the Grand Final by winning a game. But then, Giganton gave a decent response and even reached a match point. Dany did not allow the opponent to clutch with Broly DBS in game 5 — his Gotenks found an opening and killed with one combo.

In the decisive game, both players lost their very effective characters, Broly DBS and Gotenks. Giganton had a very good chance to succeed when Dany unexpectedly dropped a combo with Lab Coat. But then, a nice opening from the same character ruined a potentially good oki situation, and then Dany just did not lose this advantage.

Dany is the Champion of PlayStation Fight Nights Invitational. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Composition at PlayStation Fight Nights Invitational



Toxic Devilish





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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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